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Shallow Water Redfish

from Fishing the Flats – Series 3

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The shows kicks off in the world famous Mosquito Lagoon, part of the Indian River system on the East coast of Florida, and often knows as the Redfish capital of the world. The lagoon has very shallow water and often the fish are found in just 18 inches so being stealthy and quiet is critical for success. Capt Mike Mann guides his skiff near a tailing Red and Henry lands his bait on it with instant success. In Fish Eye, we take a look at the Redfish and why they are such great sporting fish and such a popular gamefish. As they move on, the pair spot a hole which appears to holding some Redfish, which Henry covers and another strong Red is soon hooked. Next up Henry is in Florida's Panhandle, out of Carrabelle and meets up with Billy Clyde to take on some Goliath Grouper. Billy hooks into one but it soon looks like the fish has hold of him instead, as a backbreaking battle gets going. With the skipper holding Billy and Henry also pushing up the rod, Billy gets control and finally lands a fish that weighs three times as much as him! In the final part of the show, Henry is fishing off Long Island in the Bahamas and starts things off with a nice Mahi Mahi before his fishing partner Dave Rogers catches a nice Grunter.


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