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Wild River Bass 1

The Wild River Bass featured here are the Australian Bass, a native species found in coastal streams and rivers along the eastern seaboard of Australia, from Victoria up to Queensland. This film, the first in the series, is presented by Dave Seaman, who effortlessly manages to convey his love for these fish and the excitement that catching them can generate. He regularly fishes with buddies Scott Saxby, Paul Albery and Brian Everingham and their approach is to enter a river, upstream in remote countryside and then use kayaks or canoes to drift downstream with the current. This enables them access to stretches of river otherwise unreachable and allows them to cast into the overhanging vegetation, snags and branches along the banks. Dave talks us through the reasoning behind his choice of lures for various conditions, this includes an assortment of surface, shallow and deep diving lures, he favourite seems to be a ponyhead, with a soft rubber tail... and its very effective. A good Bass is anything measuring over 50cms and Dave catches plenty of these. This is a great introduction to what for many viewers will be a new species to admire.

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