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Hosted by Mike De Avila, or Mike D as he's commonly known, hit US fishing show, Lunkerville comes to Fishing TV. This long running show (15 years) isn't like most fishing shows as Mike tours around the USA meeting local anglers and fishing with them in their honey holes. Anglers are invited to be on the show via Mike's popular Facebook page so this really is a show for the everyday angler. Lunkerville packs in some good banter and some brilliant bass fishing from a variety of different locations and watercourses all over the USA.

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Mike kicks off the new series of hit show, Lunkerville, in Southern New Hampshire for a spot of ice fishing with local barman, Todd Grubb and his friend Andrew. Mike has never caught a bass under the ice before so that's the mission today. After heading out on the ice, they dig a few holes and make a tip up rig with a small dead bait before getting Mike set up with a jig in his own hole.  Todd shows Mike how he uses his Deeper Sonar to see the fish below the ice and actually see them coming for the jig. After catching a few small fish, they decide to move location and try a spot where there aren't any boat launches so the bass won't have had any fishing pressure and Todd believes there's 'donkeys' to be caught. A few Pickerel and a Bluegill come quickly but can Mike do what he came for and find a 'donkey' sized Bass ice fishing in New Hampshire. To watch just login or register
Mike D is in his hometown, New York and he's fishing in one of its most famous spots, Central Park which has 4 lakes in total where fishing is permitted. The fishing is slow  with a lot of boaters around so he calls his friend, Victor and heads up to one of New York's reservoirs in the Croton watershed which supplies the city its water. They start by drifting along a wooded bank targetting Smallmouth Bass with small soft plastic lures with almost instant success before rowing over to the far bank looking for a bigger Largemouth Bass. An enjoyable fishing session ensues within a stones throw of New York City. To watch just login or register
Its Memorial Day Weekend, the start of summer, and Mike joins husband and wife bass fishing fanatics, Kaz and Izumi Ota on their honey hole, Lake Hopatcong in New Jersey. The fishing starts off slow with Mike picking up a small Pickerel but as they move inshore to the boat pontoons they start picking up Smallmouth Bass. Izumi shows Mike how she casts a Texas Creeper lure under the pontoons to find any ambushing fish and they are all soon catching plenty of fish. The bass fishing on Lake Hopatcong is proved to be pretty good and with Mike along there's always plenty of laughs. To watch just login or register
Mike is in Connecticut, fishing on the tidal reaches of the Housatonic River with local angler, Rich Zaleski  and they are looking for Striped Bass. Conditions aren't that favourable as with recent rain, the water is a bit coloured and its also a bright sunny day which doesn't help, but after meeting at the boat ramp in Shelton, Rich finds some clearer water downstream and quickly catches a nice striper. Using light tackle outfits and a variety of lures the pair go on to enjoy a memorable fishing session catching numerous Striped Bass on the Housatonic River. To watch, just login or register
Mike meets up with blues musician and keen angler Rich Ortiz, for a day's fishing in the beautiful Adironak Mountains, New York State. Its early Spring and Rich, aka the 'Fishing Musician' is hoping that the bass won't have seen any lures for quite a while so the fishing could be pretty hot. They're using crayfish lures as the fish should be feeding on these now and trying to get as natural presentation as they can and Rich gets into a lunker straight off the bat. Moving in shore and fishing around the boat pontoons sees the action hot up especially when Rich switches to a pink Bubblegum lure. With a Rich Ortiz soundtrack throughout the show, and some very hot bass fishing for some real lunkers, just sit back and enjoy this special episode of Lunkerville. To watch, just login or register
Mike is with Nick Petrou again for this episode bass fishing on Otsego Lake near Cooperstown, a small town in central New York State most famous for the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Nick heads to a flat where he thinks the bass will be accumulating pre spawn and he's proved right as they literally see Largemouth circling the boat in the clear water soon after they arrive. A fantastic session follows with them both some finding some hard fighting bass in the clear water whilst Nick discusses his plans to become a pro bass angler and his work with I Fish New York which helps get more kids into fishing. Otsego Lake is one of many lakes in New York State offering fantastic bass fishing as Mike and Nick prove in this all action episode. To watch just login or register
Mike joins up with Nick Petrou as they go fishing for Spring Smallmouth Bass on Canadarado Lake in New York State. Nick orginally appeared on the show when he was just 14 yrs old and helped Mike catch his first Smallmouth Bass in Central Park, New York. Several years later and about to graduate from college with a Fisheries and Aquaculture Qualification, Nick really knows his stuff when it comes to Smallmouth and is hoping to bring some of that scientific prowess to the table today. The Bass will be spawning in a few weeks so as Nick explains, will be putting on weight in preparation so its a great time to get out there. By analysing the water temperature and depth, Nick puts them on a spot where he thinks the fish will be staging before they move into the shallows to spawn.  Using swimbaits and jerkbaits it isn't long before the pair get into some chunky Smallmouth Bass on Canadarado Lake. To watch, just login or register
Mike D is in Sarasota, Florida pond fishing with his twin sister Diana and for a change Mike is the expert. They haven't fished together since they were kids but Diana has a likely looking pond right in her back garden and Mike is convinced he can get her into some bass here. Mike first opts for a topwater lure and it isn't long before Diana is landing her first fish for 34 years. He then switches to a soft plastic worm which bass find irresistible and shows Diana how to fish it effectively. The fish aren't big but they are plentiful and coming in thick and fast for the twins and there's little doubt that Mike's Sarasota pond fishing session with his sister has been a resounding success. To watch, just login or register
Mike is in Florida and he's pond fishing for bass with local angler and Lunkerville Facebook fan, Scott Larsen. Florida is home to thousands of water rentention ponds, which are essential to prevent flooding, and they pretty much all contain bass so they shouldn't have too much trouble finding some. Scott suggests a topwater frog pattern which he favours for catching big Largemouth Bass early in the morning and it isn't long before they get some interest but both Scott and Mike are having issues getting a good hook set. As the sun gets up, they switch to soft plastics and enjoy an excellent fishing session landing bass after bass on a Florida pond. To watch just login or register
Mike is in Buford, Georgia with old friend, Clint Buice, otherwise known as Cletus Maximus for reasons I'm sure we'll later discover. Its wet, in fact its been raining for 3 weeks but Cletus knows a great Bass lake and so the pair head out. The water in Lake X is naturally a bit coloured with all the rain but by concentrating on likely areas, they soon find some very nice bass. It isn't all smooth sailing though as the engine fails and the pair are forced to paddle back stopping half way back to try and find some fish on the Deeper Sonar. Cletus lands a trophy sized bass before the pair try their luck from the bank. To watch, just login or register
When you hear the word Chernobyl, you probably don't think fishing but that's exactly where Mike D is in this special International Lunkerville episode. 33 years after the worst nuclear accident in history, Mike D visits the Ukraine to try the fishing in this previously devastated land. He is hosted by former World Champion Predator angler, Yurij Orlov who takes him out on the Pripyat River in search of giant catfish trolling crank baits. The land has been free from humans and manufacturing for 33 years now and nature has thrived with fantastic fishing opportunities now in the river. Moving locations, Yurij decides to target Walleye next and after finding a few on the Deeper Sonar, they use soft plastic lures to catch them before Mike gets into something rather special as the the sun sets on their day's fishing in Chernobyl. To watch just login or register now


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