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Join Paul Young on an angling journey across Scotland as he uncovers some of the best fishing the country has to offer. Although primarily known as a fly angler, Paul covers all kinds of fishing in this fantastic series including shore fishing, deep sea, coarse fishing as well as fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon and wild Brown Trout. This was Paul's first fishing TV series filmed in 1992 and its success led to many more series which he filmed all over the world. The series has been digitally remastered so although not in HD is as good in quality as it was aired at the time.
In this programme presenter Paul Young takes to the high seas and deep waters in search of Scotland's elusive "monsters". Not Nessie, but giants like the Halibut, the Common Skate sometimes known as "barn doors" and Conger Eels which can strain the toughest of tackle. Join him as he fishes the tide races of Papa Westray in Orkney, the depth off Shetland, the troughs and pinnacles of Stornoway and Mull. Paul actually captures the biggest fish of his angling career to date, a monster Skate of 140lbs. It took over 40 minutes to bring to the boat, only to be released!
Join Nick Hocking and the Perth Fishing TV team as they show us some of the amazing fishing opportunities to be found in Perth, Western Australia. Aside from the terrific reef and deep water fishing for species like Snapper and Dhufish, there's some great fishing within the Perth city limits and the Swan River. Plus we visit Waroona Dam just south of Perth where there's a fantastic Trout and Redfin fishery. Aside from the fanastic action and scenery, there's plenty of useful tips and advice to help your saltwater fishing.
Host Henry Waszczuk introduces another action packed season of Fishing The Flats. Each episode contains 3 main adventures from different saltwater fishing locations, plus the regular Fish Eye section which provides some fascinating details about specific fish species. There's also a regular cooking section, which showcases some mouth watering dishes you could try. Henry's in some of his favourite locations like Ascension Bay in Mexico, Charlotte Harbour, The Bahamas and Mosquito Lagoon and catches a huge variety of inshore species including Snook, Redfish, Tarpon, Black Drum, Bonefish and Sharks. As well as the exciting action, there's plenty of tips and tactics to help you catch more fish too.
In reflective mood, Host Randy Bowser introduces this mini season of Yucatan Anglers TV which was hampered in 2020 with two major tropical storms and of course the global pandemic. With restrictions on travel, Randy was forced to fish closer to home in the Yucatan but the quality of fishing was still pretty good, with inshore species like Tarpon, Snook, Sea Trout and Barracuda readily found within a short boat ride of his hometown of Progreso, Mexico.
Capt George Clark Jnr hosts this season of Reelin in the Keys and meets up some of the top charter boat Captains in the Florida Keys. With such a huge variety of water available from deep sea, to inshore, the flats and the backcountry channels of the Everglades, there is always a hot bite to be had here no matter the conditions. The Keys is well known as the sportfishing capital of the world and we see a wide range of hard fighting species including Redfish, Snook, Jacks, Sea Trout, Permit, Lemon Shark and Marlin. George is an expert angler and shows just what it takes to be successful here landing some fantastic fish throughout the series.
Unchartered Waters is a true saltwater adventure film set in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Mozambique with 6 anglers realising their dreams after 3 years of planning. Conditions are cramped with 10 people in all on just a 42ft Catamaran and they've brought a ton of fishing gear too, with trolling rods for Sailfish, Marlin and Tuna as well as a range of heavyweight fly rods from 8 weights all the way up to 16 weight. After 3 days, they finally approach Bassas and the trolling rods start beding over with some nice Yellowfin Tuna coming to the boat. With sharks now circling the boat and Sailfish, Wahoo, Barracuda as well as abundant Tunabeing caught, the first day's fishing has been a lot of fun. With a lot of fly anglers on the boat, they approach the captain to devise a plan to target the huge schools of Tuna around, which entails pulling them up to the surface with poppers and then casting flies at the fish. The action is relentless but sharks are playing havoc by attacking their hooked fish near the boat so often the only way is to step up their tackle and bully fish in quickly which is easier said than done. The following day, they reach the Bassas area and leave the main boat to fish on the flats around an atoll targetting Parrotfish and Kingfish. They soon find huge quantities of Parrotfish but these fish are not easy to catchand it requires a lot of skill to firstly stalk and then sight fish them in much the same way as you'd fish in a chalkstream! As they move location again, there's moreaction behind the boat with a variety of species landed including some wonderful Giant Trevally. Back on another flat, this time they find Bonefish and other reef species. This is an excellent film that gives a real insight into the terrific fishing available in the Indian Ocean
A Year in The Life follows 6 anglers as they visit some of the world's premier fly fishing destinations. We begin with renowned UK river angler and journalist, Paul Proctor as he introduces us to his favourite Icelandic River, the Minnivallalaekur. The Brown Trout here can grow to prodigous sizes with fish to 20lb caught every season, often on small dry flies, and this fact makes it the world's best trout river in many fly anglers eyes. This spring fed river boasts an incredible midge population and this is what these huge trout predominantly feed on. After landing a couple of stunning fish, Paul moves to the Laxa River, which depsite being more famous for Atlantic Salmon, can offer some incredible dry fly fishing for Brown Trout too. Next up, we join fly fishing instructor and guide, Mark Windsor on the stunning Christmas Island for some high quality saltwater fly fishing. As Mark explains, Christmas Island is a large island and has a huge amount of fishable coastline which pretty much guarantees that anglers are fishing virgin water. Trophy sized Bonefish, Giant Trevally, Trigger Fish, this island has it all inshore, as well as a huge variety of offshore species like Tuna, Wahoo and Sailfish. Mark lands a nice GT before showing us how to catch Trigger fish which is one of his favourite species on the fly. We then visit New Zealand's South Island where Paul Proctor gives us a great overview of the range of fly fishing there, before latching into a nice 7lb Brown on a small backcountry creek. Paul explains his approach to fly fishing here and what it takes to be successful and we see him put this into practice several times. Music mogul, Duff Batty is in Ascension Bay in Mexico and explains what makes this place so special for fly anglers. Local guide, Manuel Chac catches a stunning Bonefish in the Mangroves before discussing his true love, the Permit which also reside in the area. In fact Acension Bay, makes a claim to be the Permit capital of the world and offers agood opportunity to catch these illusive fish. Back in England, we meet Charles Jardine discusses his love affair with Chalk Streams. Fly Fishing Instructor, Gilly Bate explains how the water clarity makes fishing these streams such a unique experience and what draws anglers from allover the world to fish rivers like the Test and the Itchen. Charles is on the River Frome in Dorset, a beautiful and wild chalk stream, famed for its sizable Grayling and Charles doesn't let us down, catching a stunning 2lb plus fish. A Year in the Life is a visual treat which shows off some of the world's top fly fishing destinations, through the eyes of renowned anglers and is highly recommended.
Ocean exploration is a romantic notion that reaches out to the adventurer in all of us. From an early age people dream of exploring the farthest reaches of Earth – uncovering history and ancient stories, witnessing the true beauty of nature while discovering the raw essence driving that simple word, ‘exploration’. ‘Big Fish Big Adventure’ is an 8 part original Australian-made series featuring an exploration charter company ‘Big Cat Reality’ that caters to the desires of open-water fishing enthusiasts and adventure seekers, introducing them to some of the most beautiful, still unexplored fishing destinations the world has to offer. The series offers adventure, reveals Queensland’s long-lost maritime history, undersea life, the thrill of extreme fishing and ocean exploration. Captain James McVeigh, seasoned mariner and once commercial diver who has spent his life on or under the water, takes his clients to the furthest reaches of the reef, chasing their ‘fish-of-a-life time’. James and his crew deliver a true adventure experience, which, as the real adventurist knows, means facing down an unforgiving sea, and Mother Nature’s ability to throw the unexpected at them, at any time. This is what it means to maintain a charter business supplying high end experiences while navigating the spectacular waters of the Coral Sea. The fish may be big but the adventure is bigger. This series represents the truth of ocean charter work alternating daily between relaxed lounging, battling big fish, tales of high adventure played out on the sea floor, racing storm fronts and re-discovering some of Queensland’s seldom seen seascapes. This is Big Fish Big Adventure.
Running the Coast
The Striped Bass is almost certainly the most revered and sought after saltwater species in North America, and this epic, near 3hr film delves deep into the subject of angling for these hard fighting fish. Following a group of 'striper' lifers, the film starts in the spawning grounds of Chesapeake Bay where expert anglers, the Tylers are looking for their first fish of the season. As sunset arrives, they finally find the fish they have been looking for and a big striper is boated to kick off the film in style. Further up the coast we meet Jo Shastray, a New York city firefighter and fishing boat captain who is equally obsessed by these fish. He explains how the currents and tides of New York harbour provide excellent opportunity to target stripers, and what an amazing backdrop we see as Jo does just that in front of the Manhattan skyline at night. As the water warms and fish migrate, they can be sighted up and down the coast and targeted out in open water and the Tylers show just how to find and catch these fish. We meet legends like Lefty Kreh and Bob Popovics who are both addicted to catching stripers and have played a hefty role in the development of fly angling for them. Greg Myserson also shows us how its done, fishing a worm hatch in Rhode Island, and he should know whathe's doing as in 2011 he became the IGFA World Record Holder for Striped Bass with a huge 81lb fish. We follow the migration up the coast culminating at Montauk where hoardes of anglers arrive each year to find stripers in what could truly be called the surf fishing capital of the world. We also join Pink Floyd's Roger Waters in Montauk as he fly fishes 'the blitz' where thousands of stripers hit bait on the surface and the action is relentless. This is a must watch film for saltwater anglers providing an incredible insight into the Striped Bass fishing scene, along with plenty of information about how to successfully target these amazing fish.    


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