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Top 10 Perch Fishing Videos

Watch this lovely selection of our top 10 perch fishing videos and TV episodes featuring some of the finest perch anglers around. Perch are a fantastic sport fish, found on a variety of watercourses, which not only look stunning but are incredibly aggressive and punch above their weight when hooked. Being a shoal fish, often means that if you find one, you'll find more quickly so as you'll see in these films, moving around can really pay dividends. These videos cover tactics, rigs, bait and lures and will give you everything you need to improve your perch fishing.

Rae and Keith are targeting Perch this week, one of the most prolific predatory fish in UK waters and they start their quest on the Oak Lake at Alders Farm Fishery in Buckinghamshire. They set up next to each other and discuss tactics before Keith talks Rae through the variety of baits he's brought along. Rae starts with a couple of maggots on a waggler and is focusing on an overhanging tree close in. Both anglers start catching Perch in numbers and there obviously a lot of Perch around but they are struggling to find the bigger ones. Finally Keith hooks a nice Perch but as Rae prepares to net it, the fish slips the hook. Disappointment quickly turns to delight soon after though as Rae lands a lovely Rudd on a medium sized prawn. Rae moves swim in search of a bigger fish but as soon as he's left, Keith lands the best Perch so far and having worked out a formula manages another good sized one. In the second half of the show, the pair visit the Grand Union canal near Tring, on a crisp October morning, and this time are lure fishing for Perch. Whilst Rae uses a spoon, Keith starts on soft plastics using a creature bait that imitates a crayfish. Rae catches a small fish, but Keith isn't having much luck so switches to a small crankbait. Keith catches a lovely specimen near to the bank, before they move down the canal to a boatyard and Keith gets a big surprise when he hooks a double figure Pike.
Top big fish angler Duncan Charman passes on advice about how to target quality perch from stillwaters.  
Richard Lee shows Kevin Green how effective livebaits are for big river perch....  
Des Taylor shows us a few of the vast collection of small rubber lures he has been using when drop shooting for perch.  
Steve Collett joins Stewart Bloor for a successful spring time session in search of specimen perch.  
Top match angler Darren Cox is at White Acres Fishery, Cornwall in November for a session on their Sycamore Lake targeting Tench. He's on the pole and trying a variety of baits, maggots, casters, sweetcorn and worms, but the Tench don't want to play. Instead he bags a magnificent collection of specimen Perch, which although he finds somewhat surprising, still provides great fun. To watch this video now, just login or register
Des Taylor shows that he's keeping up with all the trendy techniques by drop shotting for perch in his local marina.  
The art of fishing weedless crayfish lures is relatively new to British waters but fishing guide, Andy Hine is here to give you his wealth of experience of how to fish with these squishy crustaceans. Andy gives insight into every detail of how to rig, cast and set the hook when using these kinds of baits as he targets perch, pike and chub on the Great Ouse river. In this video Andy proves that this devastating method can on its day be the difference between hero or zero and will have novice and experienced lure anglers casting weedless crayfish lures in thick structure for some chunky predators. To watch just login or register
Can 'old dog' Mark Barrett teach the 'young gun' Joe Atkinson a few tricks in their 'perch shoot out' in amongst the boats on the River Chelmer?  
Des Taylor introduces his favourite technique for catching perch and shows you how to setup your drop shot rig to fish at different depths and agitate perch into taking. 
In this instalment of Urban Fishing, expert predator angler, Ant Glascoe Jnr shows us some of the great lure fishing to be found in his hometown of Manchester. He starts on a small lake in the middle of a housing estate that he used to fish as a kid and knows to hold some good Pike. As its mid summer and with a fair bit of weed growth, Ant's explains that his preferred tactics are to use are weedless frogs and rats here, skipping them in and out of the lily pads and making plenty of commotion. The Pike soon wake up and he gets some aggressive follows and takes. Disaster strikes that evening as the film crew's car is broken into and Ant loses a huge box of lures so its off to a local tackle shop in the am where the owner kindly lends Ant some more. He heads to Salford Quays and finds some action in the myriad of canals and waterways with some lively Perch on ultra light tackle. This is a great insight into the marvelous fishing available in the city if you're prepared to look.


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