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Total Coarse Fishing

If you like to catch quality coarse fish, you will love Total Coarse Fishing, another TV series exclusive to FishingTV.

We have teamed up with angling magazine Total Coarse Fishing to take some of their top stars to great venues, and catch great fish.

You can look forward to finding out the secrets of anglers like Darren Cox, John Bailey, John Watson, Bob James and many more.
John Bailey invites us to join him for a session on his beloved River Wensum in Norfolk. It's late November and the elements are stacked against him, the river's low, clear and cold but John is sure he can catch a Chub or two. He's keeping his options open with 3 different set ups, firstly ledgering with chunks of bread, then trotting with maggots and a centre pin reel and finally holding a piece of meat up against the current on the bottom. Find out which of these works best. To watch this video now, just login or register
River Piking
In River Piking we join legendary Norfolk pike fishing guru John Watson for a session on his local water in the Broads. He passes on some great tips on preparing and presenting deadbaits, his ideal float set up and where to find pike on slow moving rivers such as these. Needless to say he sees some great action hooking some of these hard fighting predators, netting some in to double figures. To watch John Watson River Piking now on Fishing TV, just login or register
In Matchman on the River, England international match angler Darren Cox invites us to join him on a session, fishing for Chub and Barbel on the Warwickshire Avon. He's found a secluded swim on the Back Brook where there is a well established head of chub. They have recently been joined by an increasing number of large Barbel. He is determined to show that his well honed match skills and tactics can be applied to catching wily river fish this like these. Using casters and hemp for bait, he trots a stick float on the current and explains how moving your weights on the line can help presentation. By regularly feeding the swim he's able to draw the fish out from under cover of the far bank, with great results. To watch this video now, just login or register
Before he became mega-famous through Monster Carp, Korda legend Ali Hamidi gave us a masterclass in how to move up to bigger carp. In a session at Chigborough Farm Fishery, Maldon Essex, he starts with the basics of what to do when arriving at a new venue. He explains that watercraft is the most important thing, what features to look out for and where to find the fish. Shows how to set up and use a marker float, clip up all your rods to the right distance, prepare and use a spod mix. It's not long after his first cast that he gets a bite, so he demonstrates how to play a large carp and then how to handle it on the bank, returning it in better condition than it came out. Look out for plenty more in part 2. To watch this video now, just login or register
Ali Hamidi continues his carp fishing masterclass at Chigborough Fishery, Maldon Essex by showing how to tie the famous KD Rig, a balanced yellow pop-up on a short hair. How to add pva bags of bait to your rig. He also shares the amazing salt trick that allows you to put wet baits into PVA mesh and finishes by covering the basics of stalking carp from the cover at the tight end of the lake. To watch this video now, just login or register
Join the legendary Bob James in a two part session on the picture postcard River Wye. He's after chub and barbel, but the river is running low and the water very clear, so he knows the fish will be spooky. He starts by baiting his chosen swim at least an hour before casting in, to allow the fish to start fighting over the food. In this first episode he goes after the chub, trotting a hard pellet hookbait, holding it up against the current with his centre pin reel and a large, heavy float. By regularly baiting the swim to keep the fish feeding he shows how easy it can be to land some decent chub or two. To watch this video now, go to Fishing TV and register. Click here
Bob James continues his session on the River Wye, this time targeting the Barbel. Having regularly chucked balls of groundbait into the spot where he thinks they will be lurking, he's convinced the Barbel will have bullied the Chub out of the swim by now. He steps up his gear for the bigger fish, using a boilie on a hair rig for hook bait, heli-rigged below a cage feeder. He's also switched to a fixed spool reel with a bait runner, to make casting the feeder a bit easier. It all works incredibly well and from the comfort of his bank chair he hooks into some marvellous barbel. To watch this video now, just login or register
Top match angler Darren Cox is at White Acres Fishery, Cornwall in November for a session on their Sycamore Lake targeting Tench. He's on the pole and trying a variety of baits, maggots, casters, sweetcorn and worms, but the Tench don't want to play. Instead he bags a magnificent collection of specimen Perch, which although he finds somewhat surprising, still provides great fun. To watch this video now, just login or register
Bob James heads to the River Test looking to catch a specimen roach or two.  
John Bailey 'digs deep' to catch tench when the conditions are against him.  
Join Bob James as he explains yet another great skill of his – stalking carp.  
Learn how to catch big tench consistently in the company of Bob James.  


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