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Used And Abused

Every angler has a piece of equipment that's as old as the hills, and has certainly seen better days, but will never leave the tackle bag. Be it superstition, fond memories or a passion for old kit, we all have our reasons for hanging onto that one item that we just can not get rid of.

In this series some of the UK's top anglers share the secret contents of their bag and let us know what piece of kit they can't go fishing without. 

Rob Wootton explains why he’s a convert to Shimano Technium Match And Bolo mainline – a bullet proof line we medium sinking qualities that make it a real all rounder for commercial fishery work. 
Des Taylor has got a very large lure box. And here he takes us through some of his favourites, each with its own tale of success.
Des Taylor always takes this lightweight easy to carry solution to a hard ground on all of his fishing sessions.  
Top specialist angler Duncan Charman recommends the ultra reliable fish weighing scales from Reuben Heaton. 
Big fish specialist Duncan Charman gives the thumbs up to the super low resistance Zandavan Rollover Indicators.  
Duncan Charman gives the thumbs up to Dinsmores super tough bank sticks.  
Des Taylor discusses the merits of the Avon Crown Major one of his favourite centre pin reels and explains why loves using it when river fishing for barbel.
Des Taylor finally confesses to his wife where her favourite kitchen spoon went all those years ago. 
Des Taylor shows us a few of the vast collection of small rubber lures he has been using when drop shooting for perch.  
Duncan Charman is a huge fan of the stainless bank range from Steve Neville. 


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