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Improve Your Coarse Fishing

In presenter Kev Green's words: 'The series is all about helping people catch more and bigger fish on venues they can identify with. We are targetting many different species in many different ways.'

This ten part series is must-see viewing for anyone looking to up their catch, and is packed full of practical tips and advice for angers of all standards.
In this clip from the full programme, Kev Green teams up with Bob Roberts to enjoy some fantastic running water action.  
Kev Green shows how to catch on the pole with chopped worm tactics at a stunning day ticket water that is only stocked with tench.  
Find out how to fish the pellet waggler and pick up tips on pole fishing with paste for carp at commercial fisheries.  
It's all action with tench and big perch as Kevin Green and Russ Evans target Bury Hill Fisheries in Surrey, England.  
Kevin Green goes 'short and long' to show you how to make the most of your commercial fishery sessions in the warmer months.  
Kevin Green employs long pole and chopped worm tactics to bring some superb winter roach to the net.  
Kevin Green is joined by UK Carp's Steve Broad for a tip-filled fish fest on how to make the most of your carp fishing when time is short.  
Big River Perch
Richard Lee shows Kevin Green how effective livebaits are for big river perch....  
Kev Green goes "modern" with baitrunners and bite alarms whilst Richard Lee stays "old school" with waggler float and worm in this Tench Challenge. Loser buys the beers.
When it comes to fishmeal, bream just can't help themselves, and Kev Green and Richard Lee prove the point, by helping themselves to some beauties.  


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