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Big Fish

A selection of shows and films for anglers who like to target fish of a larger proportion.
Arapaima Gigas
In this new short film from Fly Fishing Nation, a handful of the worlds best fly anglers head into the heart of the Amazon in search of one of the biggest freshwater fish on the planet, the Arapaima! Decades of meat trading have made these prehistoric monsters rare in the wild. But, thanks to the famed Pirarucu Lodge on the Rio Mamiraua, Matt Harris, Stephan Dombaj and Ben Furimsky stand a chance for a giant Arapaima on the fly, something few have ever accomplished. Matt’s spent years of frustration at Pirarucu, but with massive fish rolling on the surface across the lake, there’s a real chance of a catch over 2 meters in length… the fish of a lifetime!
Catching Mako Sharks is a risky venture at any time, but in Bass Strait those crazy Tasmanians catch some ridiculously big sharks out of trailer boats. Peter Morse joins Mason and some local shark fishermen and uses fly rods and big game fishing tackle on a couple of Bass Strait monsters. Turns out those Tasmanians really know what they’re doing and he experiences some great fishing."  
This amazing film follows Capt Mark Martin as he attempts to catch a Mako Shark on a fly rod off the San Diego coast and includes some of the most spectacular fly fishing footage you're ever likely to see. At the same time we get an insight into how attitudes are changing in the world of shark fishing: where once sharks were killed, now catch and release is gaining ground.
The Big Fish takes us to the Million Dollar Month international fishing tournament in the Cayman Islands where 100 boats with 300 anglers competed for huge cash prizes. The event was founded in 1984 and ran til 1997 and this is a fascinating snapshot of one of the premier money tournaments for big game fishing. On the morning of the first of 30 days fishing, the boats congregate offshore at Georgetown, waiting for the start before heading off to their chosen spots. On the first day, plenty of Wahoo, Dorado and a couple of White Marlin are also caught. On day 2, we join the Hooker's team who make an early start, and get Eugene into a strong fight with a 200lb Marlin which was safely released. At the weigh in that day plenty of other species have been caught, including a 73lb Tuna for a local angler. The competition continues in earnest but will anyone claim the $1m prize? Please note - this film was filmed in the 1980's when attitudes to the catch and release of Marlin were a little different to today.
Having travelled the world chasing fish, the people in this film believed that they had experienced the very best of what fly fishing has to offer. But then the long absent bluefin tuna returned to the waters off the coast of the France's Pays Basque. Catching bluefin tuna on the fly would turn out to be the best of all.
Fishing TV continues its series of exclusive interviews with globetrotting presenter of River Monsters. In this installment he talks to Gareth Purnell about his quest for the amazing Glyphis Shark on the Fitzroy River in Queensland, Australia.  
Henry has been invited to join Capt Chris Morrison to fish the Marathon Sharkathon Tournament in the Florida Keys. The winners are the pair that catch the most sharks over 5ft in a one day event. Tiger, Hammerhead, Bull, Black Tip and Lemon are the five shark species that qualify. The pair get off to a flying start as Chris hooks a nice Bull Shark with his first cast, but then things slow down so he decides to move to a new marque. It works and Henry gets into a hard fight with a Black Tip, and after Chris nabs one of his own the day just gets better and better with the highlight being a double hook up of giant Bulls, will all this be enough to get Henry and Chris into the prizes? There are also plenty of facts and figures in an 'everything you want to know about sharks' section and chef Brad Townsend shows how to prepare Curry Crusted Snook. To watch Keys Shark Tournament now, just login or join
Dave Barham joins up with skipper Craig Deans for a trip in search of some record breaking shark off the coast of South West Wales.  
In this episode Des is joined by his good mate Keith on an adventure into the Celtic Deeps in the Irish Sea fishing for sharks. They're onboard The Antlantic Blue, skippered by Andy Truelove out of Dale, a beautiful village on the Pembrokeshire coast. It's a two and a half hour trip out to the Deeps where Andy thinks they will have a very good chance of catching a Blue Shark or two and possibly a Porbeagle. But the journey isn't dull, as there's quite often dolphins and whales to be seen. Andy recommends drift fishing, letting the boat follow the wind and the currents, hoping he can attract the sharks with the scent trail he is leaving with the chum in his 'Rubby Dubby' bag. They are using mackerel deadbaits, with the tails chopped off to stop them spinning and the bellies cut open to create as much scent as possible, dropped to a depth of around 50 feet. They've got four rods out at various distances from the boat and its one of Des's that's first to go. it's not one of the monsters they are hoping for but a nice 'bluey' none the less. The sighting of a Fin Whale creates some excitement but not as much as the bend in Keith's rod as he's into his first ever shark. The successful boating off a bluey in the region of 50lbs leaves him "chuffed to bits". Des adds another blue shark but is desperately hoping he can hook a Porbeagle Shark. His dream comes true towards the end of the day as he boats a lovely fish around the 40lb mark. Then Keith hooks the biggest Blue Shark of the day, just as they are about to head for home. To watch Celtic Sharks now, just login or join
Meet Florida's newest fishing super star. In these two exclusive videos Darcie (aka Darcizzle Offshore) shares her story and takes us out on a shark fishing adventure.
In this first exclusive film for Fishing TV, Darcizzle and her team head out to a known shark fishing mark off the coast of Palm Beach, Florida. The mission is to hook up to some bull sharks, famed for their hard fighting and agression. They also take the time to harvest a bit of shark bait along the way. Darcizzle talks through the various baits, chums and tackle that they use to attract sharks to the boat and entice a bite, and explains how the Gulf Steam makes the coast of Palm Beach county one of the most prolific pelagic fisheries in the world. To watch just login or register  
River Monsters presenter Jeremy Wade on why bull sharks in Florida are travelling miles up-river.  


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