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The Big Fish

The Big Fish takes us to the Million Dollar Month international fishing tournament in the Cayman Islands where 100 boats with 300 anglers competed for huge cash prizes. The event was founded in 1984 and ran til 1997 and this is a fascinating snapshot of one of the premier money tournaments for big game fishing. On the morning of the first of 30 days fishing, the boats congregate offshore at Georgetown, waiting for the start before heading off to their chosen spots. On the first day, plenty of Wahoo, Dorado and a couple of White Marlin are also caught. On day 2, we join the Hooker's team who make an early start, and get Eugene into a strong fight with a 200lb Marlin which was safely released. At the weigh in that day plenty of other species have been caught, including a 73lb Tuna for a local angler. The competition continues in earnest but will anyone claim the $1m prize? Please note - this film was filmed in the 1980's when attitudes to the catch and release of Marlin were a little different to today.

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