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Sarkisalo Pike Trip

Ville is heading to Sarkisalo, which is well known for its excellent Pike fishing, and he's accompanied by friend and pro guide, Pasi. Its pre spawning time and the Pike will be spread out so they find a nice bay with a depth of about 3m and start to target the reed lined shore. Ville gets a couple of hits which don't stick so rests the Pike a little before having another go. Ville discusses the importance of ringing the changes when it comes to lure colours before they decide to move locations. A tough day ends with little reward but still an enjoyable time to be had with two good friends. Its now early summer and Ville returns to the lake on his own and with water levels higher than before, and a warmer south westerly wind, he's hopeful for a better day. The Pike have now largely finished spawning and he finds a nice bay and starts fishing in shallow water. After a couple of early misses, Ville soon gets a fish, not big but certainly welcome and is quickly followed by a slightly bigger Pike from the same spot. Another fish soon comes and Ville has kicked off the summer Pike fishing season in style.

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