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Early Summer Pike & Zander

Its Summer and Ville has returned to Sarkisalo where he fished earlier in the series. The Pike have finished spawning now and should be in good condition and with light winds and an overcast sky, Ville is confident of some action. He heads to an area where several islands lie and heads to the windward side of the coast which has a rocky bottom and nice reeds in the margins. Ville moves along the shore and into a bay he knowsis a good bet for Pike and soon gets into the first fish of the day, which isn't big but is certainly welcome. Red and white seems to be the killer colour combo today and it isn't long before Ville lands another fish. Next, Ville decides to move to another location and try some trolling at depths between 2-4 metres and with 4 rods out, he can try a wide variety of colours and lure types. Ville explains in detail how to troll effectively, looking for features on the sonar and varying the depth and speed his lures swim at. Ville moves towards shore a little into shallower water and is rewarded with a nice Zander which he's delighted with. Soon after, he completes his day with another Zander, this time a little bigger.

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