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Pike Cutlets

from Catch & Cook

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Mika is out trolling on the Big Saimaa Lake, looking for Zander or Pike. He starts by catching a small Pike which he duly releases, before something bigger bends over his rod and puts up a good fight on his light tackle. Its no monster but Mika thinks it will make a good meal so he keeps it for the pot. Returning to his kitchen, Mike skins and filets the Pike before cutting into strips which then puts through a mincer. He then adds 2 eggs, breadcrumbs and some curry powder which he kneads together and then forms into the cutlets. Next Mika frys the cutlets in butter and olive oil until golden brown, before removing them. As final step, Mika heats some teryaki sance in his pan and glazes the cutlets in it. Voila, the strong Pike flavour is masked and Mika enjoys his Oriental Pike Cutlets.


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