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Jigging and Trolling for Pike

Its an overcast day and Ville is heading to Kirkkojarvi Lake in Salo. He's planning to do some vertical jigging for Pike and Zander and if that doesn't work, he'll use dead baits and has some Smelt with him for this. Its a cold Spring day and Ville is going to fish deep with a 35g natural coloured jig. Finding a single fish on his sonar and he is able to drop the lure right in front of it and sees the fish approach on his screen but this time it isn't interested. A change in lure colour doesn't provoke a response either so Ville changes tactics, abandons the vertical jigging and fishes close to the shore in shallower water. Casting and fishing his jig normally gets a hit almost straight away and Ville has a tough battle with a good sized Pike. At the last moment it breaks his line, but it isn't long before Ville is into another and this time lands a stunning Pike. The following day, Ville returns to the lake and with calmer conditions, feels he has a great chance to find some Zander. Spotting another individual fish on the sonar, Ville skillfully drops the jig on to it and this time, he hooks up and lands another good sized Pike from Lake Kirkkojarvi. With more fish around and perfect conditions, can Ville find that Zander he's been looking for?

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