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Flats Fishing on the Fly

Stalking the flats for bones, permit and more
Remote reefs. Tropical fish. Crashing in a hammock. Wild boat rides. Lucha libre masks. Eight- to twelve-pound Bonefish. Sound like something you want in on? Welcome to Scorpion Reef. In November 2012, a group of anglers embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime voyage to one of the most remote reef systems in the Gulf of Mexico. Five atolls, known collectively as Alacranes Reef, are located 120 km due north of Progreso. The reef complex is 27 km (17 miles) long and 20 km (13 miles) wide with a total area of some 245 square km (153 square miles). Alacrán is an emergent platform-type reef that forms part of a group known as the Campeche Bank Reefs, so named because they are located along the outer shelf of the Campeche Bank. It is the largest reef in the entire southern gulf, as well as the most northerly in location. The reef has five vegetated islands associated with it, Isla Desterrada, Desertora, Pérez, Chica and Pájaros. There are no ferries or any sort regularly scheduled transportation to this reef. It has been said that the trip is not for the weak of heart. There are no installations for receiving people, so visitors MUST take their own water, food, tents and any other supplies. Once there, interlopers have to be careful to avoid injury all costs, as there are no doctors, hospitals or support and it takes many long hours to reach the mainland. The logistic issues and risks laid aside, bonefish are present. Boy, are they present. And hungry. Six men – WorldCast Anglers President Mike Dawes, Orvis CEO Perk Perkins, and guides Ryan Buccola, Bear Holeman, Jose Briceno and Alejandro “Sandflea” Vega joined RA Beattie on the trip into the badlands of the gulf. The motely crew proved more than up to the task, though adventures were had that changed each man for a lifetime.
The Indian Ocean - a vast expanse of blue, studded with tiny island chains. One of the best known is the Seychelles, a paradise for holiday-makers and anglers alike. Alphonse follows one group of anglers on a six day excursion to throw flies to bonefish, sailfish, and a host of other flats species...
Tarpon, the world's greatest game fish are the subject of this series of films brought to us from director, Jamie Howard. We follow 5-time Gold Cup champions Andy Mill and guide Tim Hoover as they explore various inshore fisheries to find these incredible fish. Andy, an ex-Olympic skier is considered amongst the best Tarpon fisherman around, and has as great time with Tim sharing secrets and laughs for days on end. Keys guide and Great Outdoor Games winner Tom Rowland, Veteran angler and one-time unofficial world record holder Fitz Coker, Keys guide Rich Tudor and a lot of big Tarpon also appear.
Rae Borras gets treated to a well-deserved holiday in this episode of The Game Fishers Diary, as he enjoys fishing for Wahoo and Giant Trevally in the sunny islands of the Maldives. The snow-white beaches and emerald water of the Indian Ocean look more akin to a a honeymoon destination than a fishing trip, but this salt of the earth Salmon fisherman from the UK is in heaven. Top local guide Sharif is on hand to pick up the slack, fist taking our host to the shallow beaches and sand bars to target Trevally and Bonefish on the fly. The afternoon session turn up the heat a little, and shortly into battling the huge native Wahoo and GT, Rae gets a lesson in why the Maldivians use such heavy tackle!
A rarified fishing adventure to Ascension Bay, Mexico, saltwater fly fishing for bonefish, permit and tarpon.  
Tributaries is wonderful fly fishing film which takes a journey to uncover the commonality among different cultures, people and water. It explores the contrasting experiences of three diverse fly fishing guides — a Bahamian flats-drifter, a Patagonian trout bum and a Viking-blooded Icelander. Watch three characters’ stories merge into one: a tribute to the world’s water.
The tarpon might have thought they had seen the last of Andy Mill – they heard that he’d left the water – retired and returned to the mountains. They were wrong. The former Olympic skier couldn’t resist the chance to chase some silvery tarpon late in the season. He’s joined by John O’Hearn, an established flats pro. Last time, the fates weren’t on Andy’s side… perhaps this time will be different.
Champion tarpon fly fisherman Andy Mill’s teamed up with John O’Hearn and they’re on a mission to hook up to tarpon in the Florida Keys. We learn how John came to fall in love with the flats, and pick up some tips on things like how to set the hook when one of these monsters takes the fly. Whether it’s the fat cigars, the fly selection or the team’s skill that brings the joy is hard to say, but these guys catch some big tarpon. If you like the sound of screaming reels, you’ll love this episode.
Jo Stephenson, who reached the semifinals of the BBC's "The Big Fish" has created a selection of great looking predator flies. Here she presents four saltwater flies and carefully shows you all the techniques and materials needed so that you too can tie them. 
For humankind, water is a source of eternal wonder, so too the creatures that dwell within this mysterious realm. The lure of the unknown is what drives fly fishers to explore and to seek out the largest fish of a species, not for the trophy but for the challenge. LEVIATHAN documents epic fly fishing battles with these modern-day aquatic monsters in a global tour-de-force. New Zealand is recognized as a mecca for trout anglers, but few realise that the largest of these live in tiny spring creeks hidden deep in the dense forests of the Bay of Plenty. LEVIATHAN descends into the forest to shine some light on these enigmatic beasts. Next are the giant rainbow trout of Patagonia’s fabled Jurassic Lake. This desolate and wind swept lake is undoubtedly home to the largest trout on the planet. Surprisingly, these brutes readily devour huge dry flies, leading to many heart-in-mouth moments for fly fishers. In the South Pacific, there is one denizen of the deep that demands instant respect - the Giant Trevally. Amongst fishermen the lore of their strength and aggression is second to none. LEVIATHAN follows fly fishers as they lock horns with these mighty fish in the coral reefs of French Polynesia and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.
Brad and Jeremy are being hosted by the Alphonse Fishing Company in the Seychelles, one of the world's finest saltwater fisheries especially for fly fishing. Conditions aren't great, its windy and there's plenty of rain around which makes spotting fish nigh on impossible but the guys are itching to get out there regardless. They start on Bijoutier, one of the smallest islands in the area, walking the shore and looking for signs of fish. There's a pushing tide and a lot of bait fish around so they're hoping the Giant Trevally will show up for lunch..and it isn't long before they do! There's a reason why these fish are so sought after by fly anglers and its easy to see why in this stunning episode. After Brad has some back breaking  fun with a large 1m long Giant Trevally, they focus on the numerous Bonefish and Trigger Fish on the flats using crab patterns. The Bonefish are quite obliging but the Triggers or 'handbags' as the guys call them are a bit tougher, rejecting many flies and when hooked are very powerful for their size. The fly fishing here on Alphonse is simply incredible and even in adverse weather conditions, plenty of sport can be guaranteed. To watch, just login or register
In this first episode of The New Fly Fisher, host Mark Melnyk and his friend Tom Rosenbauer travel to the beautiful Andros Island in the Bahamas to go fishing for huge Bonefish. Known as one of the hardest fighting fish pound-for-pound in the world, Bonefish represent the ultimate sport for fly fisherman. As if that wasn’t enough, the crystal-clear waters and shallow, mangrove lined bays of Andros Island are known for some of the biggest Bonefish in the world, often reaching into double figures. After discussing the watercraft of fishing the tidal flats, Mark and Tom travel between the various fishing resorts on the island to stalk these incredible fish, making for some explosive action.
Fishing the Flats, team member, Oliver Rogers kicks off the show from Long Island in the Bahamas, and he's fly fishing for Bonefish. His guide spots a pod and expertly directs Oliver on to the fish before the Bonefish takes off to the sound of a screaming reel. In Fish Eye, we learn more about the Bonefish, the habitats they reside in and their feeding patterns. Oliver now wades the flat and again his guide finds a small pod which Oliver covers and another strong fish takes off for the horizon. Next up we're in the mangrove areas around Fort Myers, in Florida and Ben Chancey is fishing from a Kayak and hoping for some Snook. He fishes tight in to the edge of the mangrove and having noticed some nervous bait fish, casts his bait in, hooking up into a big Snook. He manages to land it despite worrying it might tip the Kayak over during the fight. But his next fish is even bigger which Ben estimates around 20lb. Finally, we join Henry in Ascension Bay in Mexico where he's after some shallow water Mutton Snapper which may be small but put up a great fight.


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