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Alphonse Fly Fishing

Brad and Jeremy are being hosted by the Alphonse Fishing Company in the Seychelles, one of the world's finest saltwater fisheries especially for fly fishing. Conditions aren't great, its windy and there's plenty of rain around which makes spotting fish nigh on impossible but the guys are itching to get out there regardless. They start on Bijoutier, one of the smallest islands in the area, walking the shore and looking for signs of fish. There's a pushing tide and a lot of bait fish around so they're hoping the Giant Trevally will show up for lunch..and it isn't long before they do! There's a reason why these fish are so sought after by fly anglers and its easy to see why in this stunning episode. After Brad has some back breaking  fun with a large 1m long Giant Trevally, they focus on the numerous Bonefish and Trigger Fish on the flats using crab patterns. The Bonefish are quite obliging but the Triggers or 'handbags' as the guys call them are a bit tougher, rejecting many flies and when hooked are very powerful for their size. The fly fishing here on Alphonse is simply incredible and even in adverse weather conditions, plenty of sport can be guaranteed. To watch, just login or register

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