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A selection of magazine and all-round angling shows
Hosted by lifelong North Carolina residents Joe Albea and John Moore, Carolina Outdoor Journal showcases the best fishing this amazing state has to offer, from spectacular fishing offshore for big game fish to floating a mountain river for Smallmouth Bass plus some great shows from the stunning inshore fishery.  There's a wide variety of fishing styles and stunning locations in this series and truly something for every kind of angler to enjoy. As well as plenty of world class angling action, there's some great hints, tips and tactics to take in as well as a cooking section with some pretty scrummy recipes....enjoy!
In this rip roaring new series,  Untamed Anglers hosts James Stokoe and Ripon Khalique,  travel the UK  in celebration of some of the most iconic freshwater fish species to be found on these shores.  There's a little friendly competition between the two hosts so they enlist the help of some of the UK's top anglers including the like of Hywell Morgan, Peter Cockwill, Charles Jardine, Rob Hughes, Marina Gibson and Alex Jardine to help maximise their chances in each location. From the wild lochs of Scotland, to the clear Chalk streams of the south, the competition never fails to bring out the best of this beloved sport.
In this vintage series of Just Fishin, host Chris Sandford visits some of the most highly regarded fresh water fishing locations in the country, and the world. Whether it's fly fishing for enormous King Salmon in remote Alaska, stalking big Carp on private lakes or just enjoying a relaxing day on the bank chasing little roach, there's always a fish to be caught. With the expert guidance of fishing legends like Chris Yates, Adam Penning and Keith Arthur, this season lands Chris some of the best fish of his career.
Chef to the stars Antonio Meleca and fisherman Shawn DeGagne break into the big leagues in this celebrity season of Fish and Fire, as pro athletes compete to see who can catch the most fish and who can cook the best dish. Whether it's NFL football stars like Cam Jordan, NHL hockey stars like Darren Turcotte, MLB baseball stars like Chris Tillman or UFC fighters like Jim Miller, everyone in this season has a competitive drive to win. From Dorado in the Florida Keys, to Walleye in frozen Ontario and everything in between, this season showcases the absolute best angling North America has to offer.
iFish is Australia's longest running and most popular fishing show which features expert fishing host Paul Worsteling as he explores the best fishing action Australia has to offer.  With Australia's vast coastline, its no surprise that the inshore and offshore saltwater opportunities are second to none but there's also some great inland fishing action to be found from Barramundi in Queensland and the Northern Territory to Brown Trout in Victoria. Throughout the series, Paul is joined by local experts and guests who help him find the best spots and trophy fish. Providing top tips and expert tackle advice, this series of iFish will definitely help you put more fish in the net. To watch just login or register
Watch host Henry Waszczuk as he seeks out some of the best saltwater fishing hotspots in the US. Each episode sees Henry target a particular saltwater species working with top local guides to find the hottest bite around. From inshore species like Redfish in North Carolina to deepwater giants like Amberjacks and Grouper in the Gulf of Mexico, this series pulls no punches in bringing some amazing angling action. Each show is filled with invaluable tackle, bait and lure tips as well as an in depth guide to the target species including their lifecycle, feeding habits, range and how to locate them. There's also a segment about IGFA records so there's a lot to learn about each species and particularly targetting trophy fish. We'll also look back at some of the biggest fish Henry has caught over the years, and as you can imagine with 25 years hosting fishing tv shows, there's quite a collection of monsters. This is highly informative saltwater fishing series with some spectacular fishing for some truly hard fighting saltwater species. To watch just login or join
Des Taylor takes us to some of his favourite locations to fish for a variety of the UKs most popular species. From perch in the local marina to lake pike and river grayling, Des shows off and shares his deep knowledge and skill in this intimate ten part series.
The Fishing TV Show is a 24 episode series featuring Rae Borras and Ian 'Chilly' Chillcott as hosts.  Each episode the pair enjoy a day's fishing with a variety of expert anglers across all genres of the sport, whilst introducing a selection of  highlights, short clips, hints and tips to be found amongst the films and series available only on Fishing TV. To watch, just login or register now
Rob Hughes and Andy Ford's popular fishing show covering a wide range of fishing in the British Isles  
Matt Hayes is set a series of challenges by the editor of the Angling Times. He has 24 hours to complete each one, using only his native wit and broad range of fishing skills. He’s up against the clock, the conditions, and the whims of the fish.
Matt Hayes returns to the Coarse and Match Fishing Channel with a second series of the 24 Hour Rod Race. This series sees him take on six fresh challenges in locations as diverse as the Wye Valley and the UK Canal network... the challenges are, if anything, harder than Season One and really put Matt's all round fishing skills to the test.
Join Rae Borras as he explores the magnificent River Severn in the first of a new series, Great Rivers of Britain. Along his journey from source to sea, he finds out why the Severn is such a special river, with fishing opportunities for every type of angler. He looks at the history of the river, how the river has shaped human history far beyond its banks, and the relationship that people have had with it through the ages - whether as food source or transport route - and meets some fascinating characters on his journey..... and of course finds time to do plenty of fishing.


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