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Watch host Henry Waszczuk as he seeks out some of the best saltwater fishing hotspots in the US. Each episode sees Henry target a particular saltwater species working with top local guides to find the hottest bite around. From inshore species like Redfish in North Carolina to deepwater giants like Amberjacks and Grouper in the Gulf of Mexico, this series pulls no punches in bringing some amazing angling action. Each show is filled with invaluable tackle, bait and lure tips as well as an in depth guide to the target species including their lifecycle, feeding habits, range and how to locate them. There's also a segment about IGFA records so there's a lot to learn about each species and particularly targetting trophy fish. We'll also look back at some of the biggest fish Henry has caught over the years, and as you can imagine with 25 years hosting fishing tv shows, there's quite a collection of monsters. This is highly informative saltwater fishing series with some spectacular fishing for some truly hard fighting saltwater species.

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Host Henry Waszczuk has fished in over 30 countries and in this the final episode of the series he brings you his Top 10 International destinations. Starting at Punta Mita on Mexico's Pacific coast where Henry enjoyed some fantastic top water Roosterfish action. These amazing fish are lured into the bay by the migrating population of sardines and during their feeding frenzy its possible to catch a 40lb monster every cast. We also join him landing a Permit at the Grand Slam Fishing Lodge on Mexico's Caribbean Coast, where there is a huge variety of flats fishing to be had. Then he's off to the Caymen Islands where the Barracuda provide the fun. We also take in Central and South America where the highlight is a 50 minute fight with a monster Tarpon in Costa Rica. GT's in Christmas Island, Cubera Snappers in Panama and to complete his International Top 10 he hooks an acrobatic Sailfish in Guatemala... you have to admit Henry is one lucky son of a gun. To watch this video now, just login or join
Host Henry Waszczuk heads offshore from Englewood Beach, Florida with local guide Kyle Martin. They're fishing a well known marque called 'The Box Cars' which is a man made reef in about 70' of water, holding a huge variety of species. It's early spring and the waters are just starting to warm up, so the tactics are to anchor up and put a large amount of chum into the water. The guys start off on their lightweight gear and are soon into some Snapper, but once they lose a couple to what they suspect is a prowling Goliath Grouper they get the heavier gear out and go for him. These are quite awesome fish that can grow to over 8 feet in length and up to a weight of 800lbs and they love to patrol the bottom around reefs, wrecks and other features, preying on smaller fish. Henry spots some large fish entering the area on the sounder and thinks they must be Amberjacks, so the guys go for these with artificial lures on their lightweight gear again. The AJs are hard fighting fish who put up a great battle. With his tip of the week Henry shows how to make up a leader, thats sets your hook away from your weight when fishing off the bottom. To watch Offshore Goliaths now, just login or join
Henry heads up the coast to Wilmington in North Carolina to fish the the inshore backwaters of the Cape Fear River in the company of local guide and expert Capt Rennie Clark. They are after the Redfish that thrive in the creeks, ponds and grass channels that make up this beautiful, sheltered inshore hot spot. Henry is happy that his 20lb braid is strong enough to cope with any battles in the reeds and grass along the margins, where the fish like to hang out and that's where he and Rennie cast their jigs and plastic lures. Its a red letter day and Henry catches fish after fish, his rattle-head hard plastic lure proving most successful. This is also featured in his tip of the week, where he talks us through some of the all time favourite lures he keeps in his 'Inshore' tackle box. There is also an IGFA feature on the Jack Crevalle with plenty of facts and figures on this hard fighting, attractive looking fish. To watch Inshore North Carolina Redfish now, just login or join
In this episode Henry visits a couple of hot spots known for their Striped Bass, starting in his native Canada, on the Miramichi River in New Brunswick. Here he is fishing with retired NHL hockey player Steve Ludzik, they've got a friendly competition going and Steve gets off to a flying start with 3 decent school fish. Henry gets a couple of his own, but Steve wins the day with a lovely 18 pounder. There are plenty of facts and figures about this anadromous species, that can live in both fresh and salt water. The females or 'cows' grow bigger than the males and the IGFA all tackle record is almost 82lbs. Henry doesn't catch anything quite this big at his second location, which is in deeper water off Montauk, New York. Here he's in seasonal waters fishing with ex NHL coach Mike Keenan and they have a great day seeing plenty of saltwater stripe action. To watch Striped Bass Hot Spots now, just login or join
Host Henry Waszczuk is in the Florida Keys for this episode, chasing one of the fastest fish in the water, the Spanish Mackerel. He's out with Capt Aaron Sutcliffe and buddy Mark Schrader and they soon attract a school to their chum line. The guys are fishing with 1/4oz hair jigs with thin strips of Ballyhoo on lightweight tackle and although they get almost a fish a cast from the average size 'schoolies' they are struggling to tempt the bigger fish. The Spanish Mackerel world record was caught up the coast in North Carolina in 1987, weighing in at just over 13lbs. Henry and Mark give plenty of tips on where to find and how to catch this very quick, hard fighting fish, and we also get to see the highlights Henry had, fishing for one of its near cousins the King Mackerel. To watch Spanish Mackerel in the Keys now, just login or join
Henry is with Captain William Pugh again, fishing offshore from Panama Beach in North West Florida, and hoping to catch some Red Snapper, the signature fish of the Gulf of Mexico. No matter what their size, Red Snapper are tough fighters, stunning looking fish and renowned eating fish. In Fish Eye, we learn all about the Red Snapper including their lifecycle, migration patterns and habitats. Next its Henry's turn to get into the action as he hooks a powerful fish that takes a strong first run and applies some big headshakes, but when he pulls its up, only half of the fish is left as its been attacked by something bigger during the fight. Its not long before he hooks another and this time lands it in tact, but the next fish is much bigger and Henry fails to get it clear of the reef and eventually loses the battle showing just how hard these fish fight. In the tip section, Henry talks us through all the kit he takes with him when fishing for deep water reef species like Snapper, Amberjack,  and Kingfish. We also look at some of the biggest Red Snapper ever caught courtesy of the IGFA. To watch just login or join  
Henry is back in North Carolina with Captain Rennie Clark and this time, he's to be doing something a little different as he'll be fishing for Redfish in the surf as they migrate up the coast. They start off in some backwaters of the Cape Fear River and they expect it to be tricky as its March, the water is cooler and the Reds don't feed as much. Nevertheless, Henry soon finds a pod of Reds and using his Rockport Rattler lure lands a lovely 28 inch Red to kick off proceedings. In Fish Eye, we take a look at Redfish cousin, the Black Drum which is also a great sporting fish which can grow to prodigous sizes and inhabits the same areas as Reds. Next up its shore fishing and as Henry takes control of boat and searches the shoreline for a shoal of Reds. When they find one, Rennie casts in and the action is fast and furious with so many Reds together like this. In Henry's tip section, he shows us the Gulp Shrimp and how he combines it with a Rockport Rattler to make a deadly Redfish lure. Now its Henry's turn to fish as Captain Rennie finds another sizable shoal of Reds and first cast he's into a strong Red in the surf. These saltwater Reds are stunning fish and more silver than when in the backwaters and lagoons but fight every bit as hard. The team also discuss record Black Drum and we see some footage of some big Black Drum that Henry and his guests have caught before including an 82lb goliath. To watch just login or join
Henry is in Sarasota Bay on the central west coast of Florida and today fishing for Snook  with guest and PGA Tour Pro golfer, Andy Bean. The area they'll be fishing is full of  sandbars, channels and small bays which local guide, Captain Billy Clyde knows like the back of his hand. Billy will be hosting the pair and the target is to get the shallow water Slam of a Redfish, Snook and Speckled Sea Trout. In Fish Eye, we take a look at the Common Snook, its range, feeding habits and lifecycle. Henry starts proceeding with a small Snook before Andy hooks into its bigger brother and lands a cracking 40 inch Snook which the whole team are delighted with. The pair then land some beautiful Speckled Sea Trout before taking some time out to show us a new Livetarget lure that he's been using. As the day comes to a close, Henry hooks into a good sized Redfish which strips off all off his line before being boated and the slam is complete. Finally, we take a look at some of the biggest Snook ever caught, and see at a giant 22lb Snook Henry caught a few years ago. To watch just login or join  
Henry is in Florida again with charter boat captain TJ Shea and taking on one of the hardest fighting saltwater fish around, yes its the Amberjack. The offshore waters around Tampa bay in the Gulf of Mexico is home to an array of fantastic species but its the Amberjack that reigns supreme in many anglers eyes. In Fish Eye, we take a detailed look at the Amberjack, its habitat, feeding habits and its incredible power. Henry starts off with a couple of smaller fish which still give him quite a battle before TJ hooks and lands a much bigger one. In Tip of The Week, Henry shows the Rockport Rattler, a fantastic jig for Amberjack and he discusses exactly how to fish it and explains why its so deadly. Back in the boat and Henry has another back breaking fight on his hands and a 40lb plus fish is finally subdued and brought to the boat. We also take a look back to a previous trip that Henry took in 2015 when he fights and lands a huge Amberjack, but that pales in comparison to the world record which is a stunning 163lb. To watch, just login or join
Henry is fishing with old friend, Captain Rennie Clark in the backwaters of the Cape River, in North Carolina, an area renowned for its fantastic Redfish and Striped Bass fishing. As they cruise in the Boston Whaler along a reed lined channel, Rennie is the first to strike hooking into a good sized Redfish, just 5 mins after starting fishing. In Fish Eye, we take a look at the Redfish or Red Drum as its actually the official State fish of North Carolina, which currently holds 10 of the 16 world records for it. Back to the action, its Rennie who catchs the 2nd fish of the day too, with another chunky Redfish coming to the boat. There's some great information in the episode about locating Redfish and the signs to look out for to find feeding Reds. Henry finally gets into a nice Red before introducing his Tip of The Week where he modifies a Livetarget Shrimp Lure to make it totally weedless. This is the lure that's doing the damage today as its perfect in this kind of backwater habitat. To watch just login or join
This time, Henry is in the sportfishing capital of the world, the Florida Keys and he's fishing offshore for one of the hardest fishing game fish around, the Cobia. They're out in open water and looking for cruising Cobia on the surface. Upon spotting a fish, Henry quickly covers it,  throwing a Ballyhoo bait fish into its path and the fight is on. These fish can't be horsed in, they're powerful and Henry needs to really take his time.  In Fish Eye, we take a look at the Cobia, their range, feeding habits, appearance and most importantly where to find them. These fish can grow to over 100lb with the world record, a staggering 135lb and we take a look back to 2014 when Henry caught his biggest Cobia of 37lbs. Back to today and there's more big Cobia coming to the boat as the Henry's guest, Mark lands one after another. These fish are great eating too, with the firm white fillets perfect for grilling, pan frying or baking. For those anglers interested in catching Cobia, this episode is a great introduction to show you just how to do that, in one of the world's fishing hotspots for them. To watch just login or join
In this episode, Henry is fishing in the waters off Destin, Florida with Captain William Pugh and they're targtetting the hard fighting Scamp Grouper. Also known as Brown Grouper or Broomtail Grouper, these fish are frequently found around wrecks and structure in deep water and average under 10lb but can sometimes go above 20lb. They're 40 miles offshore and fishing in around 300ft of water and Henry strikes first but as he starts pulling his fish up, Capt William also hooks up to one. These are one of the finest eating fish you can catch in the Florida Panhandle so they're certainly pleased to put a few in the boat. Capt William shows us a great bait tip with squid that can prove deadly year round. As Henry gets another hook up, he suddenly has a much bigger fish eating his fish and is gets into a backbreaking fight. 20 mins in and the fish is still deep and draining Henry but in the meantime, William has landed the biggest Scamp Grouper of the day, a fine fish in the 20lb bracket. To watch just login or join
Henry kicks off the series from Jacksonville, Florida and is fishing for Redfish with top charter boat skipper, Capt Steve Crowder on the St John River. In the upper reaches of the river, trophy Largemouth Bass can be caught but around Jacksonville its the Redfish that can reach 50lb and the Black Drum that go to 100lb that dominate. After the boat anchors in a strong current, Steve deploys the rods baited with Blue Crab baits with almost instant success as Henry hooks into a powerful Redfish. Its a 28lb Redfish and a fantastic start to the series but they both know there are bigger fish out there. In Fish Eye, we take a look at the Redfish in more detail, its feeding and migratory habits, how to locate them, and the tackle you'll need to land the big ones. Henry's reel then screams again with the line tearing out and he knows he's into another big fish. This time its a male, a big Bull Redfish and definitely a bit bigger than Henry's first. It isn't long before another is landed and again its a massive Redfish. The fishing here in Jacksonville is proving to be electric and the size of these Redfish makes this a true fishing hotspot to start the series. To watch, just login or join


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