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Offshore Goliaths

Host Henry Waszczuk heads offshore from Englewood Beach, Florida with local guide Kyle Martin. They're fishing a well known marque called 'The Box Cars' which is a man made reef in about 70' of water, holding a huge variety of species. It's early spring and the waters are just starting to warm up, so the tactics are to anchor up and put a large amount of chum into the water. The guys start off on their lightweight gear and are soon into some Snapper, but once they lose a couple to what they suspect is a prowling Goliath Grouper they get the heavier gear out and go for him. These are quite awesome fish that can grow to over 8 feet in length and up to a weight of 800lbs and they love to patrol the bottom around reefs, wrecks and other features, preying on smaller fish. Henry spots some large fish entering the area on the sounder and thinks they must be Amberjacks, so the guys go for these with artificial lures on their lightweight gear again. The AJs are hard fighting fish who put up a great battle. With his tip of the week Henry shows how to make up a leader, thats sets your hook away from your weight when fishing off the bottom.

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