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Florida Bay Shark

In 'Florida Bay Shark' Henry heads down the coast to Southern Florida. Islamorada in the Keys is one of the top sea fishing destinations in the world, with a huge choice of possibilities. The Atlantic Ocean stretches out to the east and the Gulf of Mexico to the west, add to that hundreds of islands, sand bars, spits and gullies and you have fishing heaven. Its early Spring so the species Henry is targeting is Shark. He's out with expert local guide Capt. Steve Impallomeni who knows exactly where to find them, he's tied some lacerated fish to the back of the boat to create a chum scent trail and Henry is casting chunks of the same deadbait fairly close to the boat. First to bite is a small pup which is not too difficult to handle but the next hook up puts a huge bend in Henry's rod and he know's he's in for one hell of a fight. The show also contains plenty of facts and figures about the various species of Shark found in Florida waters and Henry's got some great tackle tips and advice. Dr BBQ Ray Lampe shows the expert way to set up and light your BBQ and then how to grill delicious Swordfish steaks.

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