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Saving Jaws

Saving Jaws is a thrilling and captivating documentary that follows the extraordinary journey of Ocean Ramsey, a marine biologist with an unparalleled connection to sharks.  Dubbed "The Shark Whisperer" by the media, Ocean embarks on a daring mission alongside her team of passionate marine biologists to combat the looming extinction of sharks. Over the course of 12 months, they traverse the globe, conducting crucial research and expanding conservation efforts. From celebrated scientists and PHDs to elite athletes and celebrities, diverse individuals from all walks of life join Ocean in the deep waters to experience the awe-inspiring world of sharks through free-diving with some of the most dangerous species. As they dive into the sharks' realm, the film showcases the creatures' true nature, aiming to dispel misconceptions and instill a deeper appreciation for their vital role in the delicate balance of ocean ecosystems. Saving Jaws is an empowering call to action, led by Ocean Ramsey's passion and courage, urging humanity to protect these magnificent predators and ensure a sustainable future for our oceans.

Shark Fishing

Dive into the heart-stopping action of the 2016 Madfin Shark Series as four teams battle across the Gulf of Mexico waters from Venice, Louisiana. Witness the adrenaline-fueled quests of Team Journey...
Season 9 of the 2015 Madfin Shark Series delves into the heart-pounding world of competitive shark fishing as four elite teams battle across diverse terrains for the coveted title. For the first time...
This show follows the exhilarating 2014 Madfin Shark series competition, as four couples battle to catch Lemon, Bull, Blacktip and Hammerhead sharks in Key West, Florida. Over three days, Bo and...
Returning to the Florida Keys, Paul teams up with Skip Neilson this time to try the warm, shallow waters for the ocean’s most famous predator, the Shark. So teeming with life are the Keys, however,...
Lemon Sharks
With a cold front and strong winds sweeping across the Keys, the Guyz are worried about where they are going to be able to take their next clients and successfully catch fish. They decide to recce for...
Mark De La Hey enjoys the offshore game fishing on offer at Tinley Beach SA. Plenty of Yellowfin Tuna to be found. Then a spot of nighttime beach fishing in Mozambique, where a huge Blacktip Shark...
Mako Sharks
Catching Mako Sharks is a risky venture at any time, but in Bass Strait those crazy Tasmanians catch some ridiculously big sharks out of trailer boats. Peter Morse joins Mason and some local shark...
Beach Fishing for Sharks – People travel from all over the world to Durban on South Africa’s eastern shoreline, to fish for the tremendous variety of species that can be found here. Wesley...
George is meeting up with Capt Chris Johnson of Sea Squared Charters and the target today is Lemon Sharks which they’ll be looking for in very shallow water. As Chris explains, the water...
iFish host Paul Worsteling  travels to St Helens on the east coast of Tasmania where he joins up with local expert Chloe Hammersley to go Mako Shark fishing. They head out to the edge of the shelf...
Mark and the guys are in Mozambique where the annual migration of black marlin to their spawning grounds brings in many other apex predators. In this episode, Mark is targetting big sharks and soon...
The Fins with Teeth here are Mako Sharks and Paul Worsteling has travelled to St Helens in Tasmania, sport fishing mecca, where the Makos are prolific. He’s onboard with Josh Hammersley and...
In this episode Des is joined by his good mate Keith on an adventure into the Celtic Deeps in the Irish Sea fishing for sharks. They’re onboard The Antlantic Blue, skippered by Andy Truelove out...
This amazing film follows Capt Mark Martin as he attempts to catch a Mako Shark on a fly rod off the San Diego coast and includes some of the most spectacular fly fishing footage you’re ever...
With his sights set on a Big Bull Shark, Henry heads to the Crystal River area in Citrus County, north west Florida, known as the ‘Nature Coast’. He joins local guide and expert Capt....
River Monsters presenter Jeremy Wade on why bull sharks in Florida are travelling miles up-river.  
Raging Bull
In this first exclusive film for Fishing TV, Darcizzle and her team head out to a known shark fishing mark off the coast of Palm Beach, Florida. The mission is to hook up to some bull sharks, famed...
Dave Barham joins up with skipper Craig Deans for a trip in search of some record breaking shark off the coast of South West Wales.  
Great tope, smoothound and bull huss fishing off Scotland, and an education in the need for conservation of these wonderful species.  


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