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Top 10 Roach Fishing Videos

Roach fishing offers the coarse and match angler consistently good sport throughout the season. Roach are widely distributed throughout the UK's rivers, lakes and canals and finding them is never too hard but catching specimen roach is another ball game altogether. This selection of our favourite roach fishing videos offers advice and tips from of the UK's finest roach anglers including Matt Hayes, Duncan Charman, Des Taylor, Bob James and Des Shipp.

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When UK anglers think of coarse fish, the Roach is likely to be the first fish that comes to mind, and the fish that many anglers first cut their teeth on. Rae and Keith start their quest at Wold Farm Fishery, a very scenic stillwater complex in Bedfordshire on an overcast and blustery spring day. Rae's equipped himself with a new pole and gets some handy tips from Keith on the art of pole fishing before getting started. Keith catches a couple of quick fish but both are having issues with the wind spreading their groundbait around so Keith suggests they use pole mount cup feeders to keep the bait in a concentrated area. The fishing now picks up for both anglers with Keith constantly making subtle changes to his baits and rigs to keep them coming. In the second half of the show, the chaps head to the Great Ouse in Befordshire in mid winter and the river looks in great nick. Its a stretch that Rae regularly fishes and he knows there a lot of smaller 1 and 2 year old class fish here so they'll need all their experience to chop and change to pick up the bigger fish. Its a prolific and enjoyable session for both anglers using maggots as bait but slightly different presentations. If you enjoy Roach fishing, you're sure to enjoy this homage to one of the UK's most popular and obliging coarse fish.
Duncan Charman shows how to target big Stillwater roach using self hooking helicopter set-ups and maggot tactics in a successful session on River Farm Fishery in Hampshire. 
Bob James heads to the River Test looking to catch a specimen roach or two.  
Current England Interantional Des Shipp is regarded by many as one of the finest pole anglers this country has ever produced. This is even more true when we're talking about catching silver fish, so join him and Alex Bones at the viaduct fishery where these two top anglers give a masterclass in pole fishing. To make the day even more interesting, Alex fishes the modern way of feeding pellets and uses an expander pellet on the hook while Des adopts a more traditional groundbait, worm and caster approach. See how the different baits produce different bags of fish and, as usual, there's plenty of instruction, hints and tips to help you become a better pole angler.    
Darran Goulder passes on advice for targeting specimen running water roach in winter.  
To the famous Testwood Fishery this time, with a 2lb roach or a 12oz dace in his targets, either of which would be the fish of a lifetime. Once again the wintery conditions look like making life a bit tricky.  
Host Rae Borras teams up with top specimen angler Duncan Charman who promises to get him in to some big Roach during a session at Mill Farm Fishery in Sussex. Dave Barham and Jim Midgley are boatfishing off Anglesey hoping to catch some smoothhound and Ian Chillcott meets up with David Burgess keeper at the famous Royalty Fishery on the Hampshire Avon, where he fishes for carp but catches a 10lb+ Barbel! To watch this video now, just login or register
Irish fishing guide Ian Kitson takes us on a tour of some of the superb coarse fishing venues in Country Leitrim, Ireland in this guide to catching more on your fishing trips to the Emerald Isle. Firstly Ian sets up on the bank of the 1000-acre Lough Garradice and shows how to bait up for bream. He runs through his (generous) pre-bait strategy, stressing the importance of putting the time in on the bank, and away from the bar, to ensure superb catches of bream and hybrids. Ian runs through the tackle you need for a feeder session on deep water venues like this, including some tips on spotting bites in windy, choppy conditions, and how to use a groundbait catapult, as he catches one Garradice bream after another. Next we find Ian at Barney's Shore on Lough Allen, where he shows how to fish a fixed waggler, feeding groundbait and casters, to put together a cracking bag of silver fish. The third venue in Part One is St John's River, where Ian's fishing a whip with a flick tip to hand for roach and hybrids, feeding a ball a chuck and enjoying superb running water fishing. Finally in an action-packed programme he switches to a fourth method, fishing rod and line and a Bolognese float - a deadly method when fish move downstream of your feed.  
Duncan Charman shows how to target big stillwater roach using self hooking helicopter set-ups and maggot tactics in a successful session on River Farm Fishery in Hampshire. 
Kevin Green employs long pole and chopped worm tactics to bring some superb winter roach to the net.  
Des visits the famous Sway Lakes to try and catch a 2lb roach, but he has to put all his experience to the test, overcoming conditions made tricky by high winds.  


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