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All About the Bass

The various species of bass are among the most popular species in the world...
Join the Bassassins for some freshwater action
British champion lure angler Steve Townson fishes the largest 'blackwater river' in the world in an awe-inspiring Amazon peacock bass adventure.  
Dean moves on from the beautiful carp of the Canaries and targets freshwater bass and huge, cruising saltwater rays.  
The lakes and waterways of California have produced such a large proportion of the USA’s biggest largemouth bass that it can’t just be coincidence. "Bass: The Movie" pairs professional, conventional bass anglers with fly fishermen to see how their contrasting styles and techniques fair against one of the most popular quarry species in the US. With a cast of champion and record breaking anglers, the film is packed with information about the largemouth’s habits, habitat and history and should appeal to conventional and fly anglers alike.
It’s 5am at the Mississippi River; a perfect sunny morning for the Bassassins.  
The Pacific Northwest is not known for largemouth bass fishing, but despite this, there is some of the best largemouth fishing in the USA to be found there. Cody was on the bass fishing team at college, and in this episode he meets up with an old teammate for some springtime sport. They focus on pre-spawn fish, using a variety of patterns to maximise their chances. Cody takes the time to explain why they fish the areas that they do, and why they chose their tactics.  
A fishaholic, with the permission of the local indigenous community, travels deep into the Columbian rainforest, once out-of-bounds to visitors, in search of hard-fighting peacock bass, a species that's growing in popularity with advenutre seeking fly anglers.  
Tournament Bass Fishing is a billion dollar industry in the USA and it there are millions of bass fishermen in the country, but in the Pacific Northwest the bass is often overlooked in favour of sportfish like salmon. Cody sets out to find out what tricks of the trade tournament anglers use to maximise their chance of claiming a podium finish.  
Smallmouth fishing is one of the USA's most popular forms of fishing. In this episode of Day One Outdoors Cody visits a secluded lodge on the Umpqua river in Oregon to learn how to catch these ever-popular fish in moving water. Conditions are unseasonal, so finding the right technique is key, but when they do... the bite is ON.  


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