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Classic Lunkerville

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In this series we go back in time for a look at some Classic Lunkerville shows. Mike D is out and about, around the north east of the USA, hooking up with some of his most loyal fans and regulars on the Lunkerville forums. Mike loves his Bass fishing but is happy to admit that the guys he's out there casting a lure with know an awful lot more about it than he does, so he's very happy to pick their brains and listen to their advice. And in doing so, we also get to find out about... lure selection, rod handling techniques, where to look for fish on a sunny day, when to fish on the bottom... and so much more. And even when thinks aren't going too well Mike makes you realise there's more fun to be had in Lunkerville than most other places.

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Lunkerville host Mike D travels to Le Roy, New York to join FisherMom Susan Brownell and her daughter Celeste for a short session on one of their local rivers. It's fair to say that Susan is a fishing addict and her FisherMom handle pops up on blogs and forums all over the internet. The location she takes Mike to is fairly typical of many urban rivers, it requires scrambling through a fence and then over some concrete blocks before reaching the water. But that doesn't stop it from holding plenty of Large and Smallmouth Bass, Rock Bass and Crappies. Susan gets Mike casting out a small rubber lure, but it is 8 year old Celeste who shows them how its done, with fish after fish on her Minnow live baits. It's not until Mike is given Celeste's Snoopy rod that he finally catches. Of course, if he is slightly peeved at being outfished by an 8 year old school girl, he doesn't show it......much. To watch Lunkerville FisherMom now, just login or join
Host Mike D's trip to Lunkerville takes him to the Oneida River in western New York State where he joins up with Mike Cusano, President of the New York State Bass Chapter Federation, he actively campaigns on conservation issues and has helped formulate the local catch and release policy with the DEC. But he's also a very good all round angler, competing regularly in serious competitions and tournaments, so has plenty of tips to give to Mike. He's got a few favourite spots along the river so both he and Mike catch some nice Bass. To watch New York State Bass now, just login or join
We continue the Lunkerville story as host Mike D enjoys a day out on the Oneida River, New York State with Mike Cusano, President of the local Bass Chapter Federation and it becomes even more obvious just how good an angler Mike C is. So we are just as eager as Mike D to listen in when he's giving tips, such as why he holds his rod tip up, keeping the line out of the water to see when it has settled and why we holds the rod with thumb and first finger above the cork handle for more sensitivity. Mike D is happy to admit "Mike knows things that I don't know". But not to be out done he catches some very nice Small Mouths of his own and the two of them share a load of fish. To watch New York State Bass now, just login or join
Mike travels just outside New York City and meets up with locals, 'Lunkerboss' and the 'Pigsticker' on one of the areas many reservoirs. Heading out in a row boat Mike and Marty (Lunkerboss) start in around 15ft of water casting spinnerbaits towards the shore. But its one of those days when the bass just aren't biting no matter what they try. Its a flat calm and the normal tactics of fishing into the shallows just aren't working so they move offshore a little into deeper water. Finally Chris, the 'Pigsticker' comes good catching a beautiful 4lb largemouth and as the breeze gets up, Marty hooks into a stunning 5lber on his spinnerbait. It isn't a day for lots of fish but when you're catching them of this size, who's complaining? Well Mike is as he isn't getting a touch and with the day drawing to a close can he catch a lunker? To watch New York Reservoir Bass now, just login or join
In each episode of Lunkerville Mike D spends a day's fishing with one of the show's loyal fans or forum contributors, here it's the turn of "Low Budget Hooker" Russ Thetonia. He's based in Rhode Island and takes Mike out on one of his local lakes. The Low Budget Hooker ethos, of which Russ is a disciple, is that you don't have to have a $50,000 boat to enjoy your fishing, great fun and satisfaction can be had for very little outlay. Russ actually gives a lot back to fishing, he's a moderator on the popular forum and also an organiser with CAST the childrens' fishing charity. Here he suggests, for a bit of fun that he and Mike change the colour of their rubber stickbait lure, every time they catch. There are plenty of Bass to be had, as well as a few Pickles or Jack Pike, so Russ is rapidly working his way through the 14 different colours in his lure box. Mike however thinks that changing the colour of his hook might be what's needed. To watch Low Budget Hooker now, just login or join
Host Mike D of Lunkerville has been ice fishing on Lake Champlain a couple of times, but this is his first Bass fishing trip. He's joining Rich Zaleski or Rich Z who posts regular fishing reports on the Lunkerville website. Lake Champlain sits on the border of Vermont and New York State and Rich fishes it regularly, he's marqued of likely spots, where there are hidden abutments in about 18' of water. This is a bit too shallow for Smallmouth Bass at any time other than early morning, so he's expecting they will find their Largemouth cousins. The conditions aren't in their favour, with clear blue skies and a rising barometer the Bass might not be too keen. But Rich is using a creature bait, the Lunker City Ozmo in his favourite Green Pumpkin colour. Rich obviously knows what he's doing and between landing plenty of Largemouth he's got a few tips to try and help Mike, who as usual is making things look difficult. To watch Lake Champlain Bass now, just login or join
We continue the Rich Z masterclass. Host Mike D is in Lunkerville, bass fishing on Lake Champlain with Rich Zaleski, a local expert and regular contributor to the show's online forum. Rich is making it look all very easy, alternating between using a soft rubber creature lure and drop shotting a rubber worm. Mike on the other hand is making it look very hard. He's determined to improve his technique, but no matter how much guidance Rich gives him, he still struggles to catch those elusive bass. Rich powers up the boat and tries a new marque, hoping to change Mike's luck. But it takes two more moves and a setting sun before we see a smile on Mike's face. To watch Bass Fishing on Lake Champlain now, just login or join
Magic Man
Lunkerville's Mike D is back out on Lake Champlain, this time in the company of 'Magic Man' Tim Post, Tim uses the 'Magic Man' handle for his regular contributions to the Lunkerville forums in particular the New York Bass forum. They are setting out from Ticonderoga on the NY side at the southern end of the lake. Tim's got a couple of marques in mind but is happy to let the fish dictate their tactics for the day. And to start with the fish in the lake aren't playing ball, and it is only after they head up a small river, off the lake, bumping into Rich Z from the last show on the way, do they start catching some really nice fish. To watch this video now, just login or join
Mike D will admit that he has two passions in life, one is Bass fishing and the other is the Washington Redskins NFL football team. So when he has the chance to combine the two, in Lukerville's Bass Bowl II, he jumps at the chance. He's putting his bass fishing skills and the honour of the Skins up against Kenny C, born in the Bronx, and a lifelong New York Giants fan. It's 7 points for a Large or Smallmouth and 1 point for a Rocky. Kenny has home advantage as they're fishing on his regular lake and he kicks off in a patch of weed near the shoreline. He thinks his Texas Rig Worm bait will work smoothly through the cover and the bass won't be able to resist. Mike's using a tried and trusted Senko salty stick bait. In the opening quarter they trade fish for fish and there's only one point in it at half time. Can Mike find the steely determination needed to see his beloved Redskins lift the trophy? To watch Bass Bowl II now, just login or join
Host Mike D heads into Lunkerville for a day's fishing with Nick 'The Bass Rat' Russo. They're on East Twin Lake, Connecticut, but the conditions aren't great, a warn front has moved in bringing ominous, dark clouds. Nick would prefer a bit of sunshine as it groups the Bass into the shade, so he's not surprised when the only things they catch are a couple of Rockys and a Pickerel. When the latter throws up on the deck before being released, Nick decides it might be a good idea to match the colour of their rubber lures to the regurgitated crawfish on view, thinking that the Bass might be feeding on these too. But with not a lot happening the two are left to ruminate on why and when the Bass turn on... or not. And of course, eventually they do, enabling the guys to enjoy a nice bag of fish. To watch The Bass Rat now, just login or join
In this classic Lunkerville episode, Mike gets a call from New York Post reporter, Mackenzie Dawson, who wants to know if its possible to go fishing for bass in New York City. Challenge accepted and Mike is feeling the pressure a bit as the fish are in a bit of post spawn slumber and he needs to deliver the goods or the story is dead. He takes Mackenzie out on a row boat in Central Park lake and things don't start well with a lady's handbag the only capture, before the park police turn up and try and bust Mike for shooting without a permit. Using some diversion tactics Mike rows to a secret spot on the lake and finally his guest lands a bass in front of an appreciative crowd. Next up, Mike goes to Prospect Park Lake and meets up with Jeremiah, a Lunkerville  fan who sent Mike a video of a huge bass he'd caught in the lake. After a brief discussion on tactics, Jeremiah takes Mike to one of his favourite honey holes and the pair enjoy a great session catching Brooklyn Bass! To watch Bass in the City just login or join
In a special and rather quirky episode we take a look in a National Sociographic style at Lunkerville host, Mike D'Avila, and get deep insight into the psyche of this strange creature and his fishing prowess. From his peculiar habits, rituals and preferred headwear that he believes will improve his fish catching ability, to comments from his many guests, we learn all about Mike and what he's really about. Things are always tough for Mike when he fails to catch fish, especially when his guests and producer are hauling them in... self doubt creeps in and he starts to unravel quickly. In one particular humiliation, after his truck breaks down, Mike D is taken fishing by a local lady angler and her daughter and is forced into a drastic change of tactics to avoid being outfished by an 8 year old. At the end of the show, Mike visits a fishing show and witnesses a live demonstration of 'noodling' with a 50lb catfish. To watch National Sociographic just login or join
Mike D heads north for a day out on Lake Eerie with Noel 'No' Good, a local bass fishing specialist. Unfortunately Noel makes the huge mistake of promising Mike that they will catch lots of big Bass, invoking the Curse of Lunkerville. They take the boat out over some spawning flats in about 18' of water. Noel starts fishing on the bottom with a drop shot rig. But sure enough the curse is working and the only fish they see all morning is a small Goby. To rub salt in the wound, Mike's producer Shannon is in the camera boat 50 metres away with Noel's father Larry and they are catching a bundle of very nice looking Smallmouth Bass with one at 4.6lbs. Noel decides to move location in an attempt to break the curse and luckily for him it works, but for Mike.....his day is redeemed by catching the largest fish, not one of Lake Eerie's famed Smallies but a cursed Sheepshead.


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