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Bass in the City

In this classic Lunkerville episode, Mike gets a call from New York Post reporter, Mackenzie Dawson, who wants to know if its possible to go fishing for bass in New York City. Challenge accepted and Mike is feeling the pressure a bit as the fish are in a bit of post spawn slumber and he needs to deliver the goods or the story is dead. He takes Mackenzie out on a row boat in Central Park lake and things don't start well with a lady's handbag the only capture, before the park police turn up and try and bust Mike for shooting without a permit. Using some diversion tactics Mike rows to a secret spot on the lake and finally his guest lands a bass in front of an appreciative crowd. Next up, Mike goes to Prospect Park Lake and meets up with Jeremiah, a Lunkerville  fan who sent Mike a video of a huge bass he'd caught in the lake. After a brief discussion on tactics, Jeremiah takes Mike to one of his favourite honey holes and the pair enjoy a great session catching Brooklyn Bass! To watch Bass in the City just login or join

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