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National Sociographic

In a special and rather quirky episode we take a look in a National Sociographic style at Lunkerville host, Mike D'Avila, and get deep insight into the psyche of this strange creature and his fishing prowess. From his peculiar habits, rituals and preferred headwear that he believes will improve his fish catching ability, to comments from his many guests, we learn all about Mike and what he's really about. Things are always tough for Mike when he fails to catch fish, especially when his guests and producer are hauling them in... self doubt creeps in and he starts to unravel quickly. In one particular humiliation, after his truck breaks down, Mike D is taken fishing by a local lady angler and her daughter and is forced into a drastic change of tactics to avoid being outfished by an 8 year old. At the end of the show, Mike visits a fishing show and witnesses a live demonstration of 'noodling' with a 50lb catfish. To watch National Sociographic just login or join

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