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Wild River Bass

The Wild River Bass series - Get a friend to drop you and your mates off with your kayaks on a remote, upstream stretch of river in the Australian wilderness and then spend a day or so drifting downstream on the current, casting your lures into what would otherwise be unreachable overhangs and snags and you too will catch some record breaking Australian Bass. But if you can't quite make it, let Dave Seaman show you how its done, he's the expert and he's been paddling his way down most of the rivers on the eastern seaboard of Australia for quite a few years now and has made these 3 films along the way. He and his buddies catch a lot of large fish and take time to show you the gear they are using and the best tactics to employ. There's plenty of explosive action, especially when the fish hit those surface lures. But it's not just about the fishing, it's also about enjoying the journey and everything nature has to offer.

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The Wild River Bass featured here are the Australian Bass, a native species found in coastal streams and rivers along the eastern seaboard of Australia, from Victoria up to Queensland. This film, the first in the series, is presented by Dave Seaman, who effortlessly manages to convey his love for these fish and the excitement that catching them can generate. He regularly fishes with buddies Scott Saxby, Paul Albery and Brian Everingham and their approach is to enter a river, upstream in remote countryside and then use kayaks or canoes to drift downstream with the current. This enables them access to stretches of river otherwise unreachable and allows them to cast into the overhanging vegetation, snags and branches along the banks. Dave talks us through the reasoning behind his choice of lures for various conditions, this includes an assortment of surface, shallow and deep diving lures, he favourite seems to be a ponyhead, with a soft rubber tail... and its very effective. A good Bass is anything measuring over 50cms and Dave catches plenty of these. This is a great introduction to what for many viewers will be a new species to admire. To watch Wild River Bass 1 now, just login or register
Dave Seaman returns with more Australian Wild River Bass action. He and his team start off at Wild Rivers Bass Lodge on the Macleay River in northern New South Wales. They're back on the water in their kayaks, reaching those places other anglers can't reach. After a very early morning start the fish seem more lively than Dave whose demeanour isn't lifted when it starts pouring with rain, but these guys know what they're doing and are great at explaining their tactics and thinking. The magic hour is during the transition from dusk to darkness, this is when the 50+cm fish start coming out to play. Dave explains that some nights can be fairly quiet with just a fish or two, but here, having successfully tracked them down, the guys have a night to remember with big fish after big fish. The team drive further north to the gorge on the Clarence River. Here they don't need the kayaks as they are rock hopping around the pools beside the rapids. Conditions aren't ideal because the river is up and running hard and the water still murky with plenty of froth. The bass don't seem to mind though as they seem unable to resist a lure drawn across the surface just under the foam. To watch Australian Wild River Bass now, just login or register
The Journey that Dave Seaman describes in Wild River Bass 3, is not just the one he and cameraman Brian Everingham make over 36 hours in their kayaks, down one of their favourite rivers in eastern Australia, but also the journey he has made from the young inexperienced teenager, casting his first lure, to the wily campaigner, who seems to hook large bass after large bass without seeming to try. It's obviously a journey he has thoroughly enjoyed and he finds it very easy to convey to us his love for the sport. This film, with excellent use of go-pro cameras makes us feel we are sharing every mile the pair make, hauling the kayaks overland around the rapids and the subsequent drift down stream in fast water is as exhilarating as a good fairground ride. But Dave stresses it's not just about the fishing, there is as much enjoyment to be had by just soaking up what nature has to offer. There is some fantastic footage of the wildlife to be encountered in the Australian countryside, particularly as dusk falls and the bats start swooping in over the river. To watch Wild River Bass on Lures now, just login or join


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