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Advanced Streamer Fishing

from Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing Series 2

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Tom is exploring the world of streamer fishing which has evolved significantly in recent years. If you want to catch big fish, then using big streamers is often the best tactic as bigger fish feed less often but on larger food items. Tom talks us through the newest fly patterns which have got bigger and bigger over the years as anglers have started to understand the feeding habits of the largest fish. Pete Kutcher demonstrates the best techniques for casting heavy flies on sinking lines when streamer fishing on stillwaters. Back on the rivers and Tom discusses how to cover water using down and across methods, mending the line and how to hook up to fish with strip strikes. Changing up the retrieve is crucial to varying the depth and speed of your fly and varying these movements frequently and erratically can trigger a fish to take. Tom also shows how dead drifting streamers can also be effective by casting upstream and giving it the odd twitch. George Daniel also shows how its possible to fish dead drifted streamers on a Euro Nymphing set up, again twitching the fly to look like a dying Sculpin or small baitfish. Tom also discusses Micro Spey lines and how these can be used effectively on single handed rods to cover rivers with streamers. Big fish often feed more at night and Tom discusses tactics and tips you'll need to take advantage of this.


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