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How to Find Trout in Rivers Part 1

from Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing Series 2

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In this episode Tom is discussing 'reading the water' in order to locate where Trout will be holding. If fish are showing on the surface this is pretty obvious but often fish will be feeding subsurface and being able to identify likely locations is very important. Tom highlights 4 characteristics of good holding water which include a depth of 2-4ft, a flow rate of 1-2ft per second, proximity to moderate to fast flowing water and with some nearby cover to bolt to should they need to escape predators. Finding the seam, between moderate and faster water is often productive and these areas are often identified by the bubble or foam line which traps food items. In Wyoming, Tom is fishing with guide, Blake Jackson who explains how he identifies fish holding areas. In any given river, there can be numerous flow speeds and experience will teach us which areas best hold fish and a matter of a few inches can make all the difference when presenting your flies. Tom showcases a wide variety of water in this episode proving his watercraft and knowledge by catching plenty of fish.


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