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Fly Fishing on Moving Water

Undertanding the dynamics of the currents on rivers and streams is critical to success when fly fishing on moving water. In this episode, host Tom Rosenbauer delves deeper into the essentials of moving water, where fish lie and how to best reach them. The current can be friend or enemy as it will naturally bring your fly to the fish but can also have a detrimental effect when it catches the fly line, enabling the fly to drag and look unnatural. Tom discusses the various upstream, cross stream and downstream casts you'll need and how best to avoid drag by mending the line. Tom shows us the Reach Cast which excels when fishing conflicting currents and enables an aerial mend to be placed in the line before it has started drifting downstream. Slack line casts such as the parachute or pile cast can also be useful when trying to get that drag free drift and Tom and casting instructor Pete Kutzer show how its done. Tom then discusses hooking and playing fish in fast water before ending the show by demonstrating us how to wade across rivers safely. To watch, just login or register


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