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Dry Fly Fishing

For many,  dry fly fishing is the pinnacle of the sport when fishing for trout due to the visual nature of observing the fish rise to your imitation fly. As Tom explains, the best times to target fish on dry flies is during a hatch of aquatic flies or when terrestrials are prevalent on the surface but trout can be caught at any time on dries providing they are looking up. Having a good undertanding of rise forms and how a trout is feeding can often reveal what its actually feeding on and Tom discusses how observation is key before we start casting to rising fish. Tom shows a couple of tricks to help discover what insects the trout are feeding on before discussing fly selection and presentation. Drag is probably the number one reason a trout doesnt take a dry fly so Tom shows us some tactics to counter drag and get a good drift over a rising fish. Next up is casting instructor, Pete Kutzer who demonstrates the Curve Cast which can be useful in certain situations when fishing dries. Tom then shows how to use high visibility dry flies for prospecting when fish aren't rising which can be particularly effective in shallow riffles.  Tom visits the Gallatin River in Montana and puts all this into practice, prospecting with a dual dry fly set up using a Stimulator and Elk Hair Caddis. Finally Tom hooks with up with Dave Jensen in Alberta for some small spring creek fishing. To watch just login or register  


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