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Reading the Water

The importance of reading the water for fly fishers cannot be stressed enough. Quite often it is impossible to see the fish if they aren't feeding off the surface. In this episode host Tom Rosenbauer is trout fishing, starting on a small, fast flowing river and points out the features and patterns in the water that give a clue as to where the fish might be. Trout like to hold up in slack water on the edge of a seam, where there is faster water flowing nearby. This brings food close enough for them to take easily, without expending too much energy. He shows where you can expect to find these hold up areas and how to cast, so that you optimise your chances of fooling the trout. Heads of pools, tails of pools, behind rocks and in front of rocks all seem to be likely spots. Orvis casting instructor Pete Kutzer demonstrates how to avoid the 5 most common casting mistakes, essential if you want to catch fish in fast flowing, tricky waters.

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Rated 5 out of 5
21st October 2022

There are a lot of great tips and instructions in the episode.


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