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Pike & Musky on a Fly

Catching a big Pike or Musky on a fly is considered by many to be the best experience you can enjoy when fishing. They are super aggressive and their strikes are always vicious and explosive. In this fascinating episode Tom Rosenbauer covers all the aspects you need to consider when targeting these predators. He covers their seasonal behaviour, where and when in a lake or river you can expect to find them. We join him on the lake in mid summer, when the pike have retreated into deep holes and drop offs, so he is using a sink tip line. He explains how important it is to select the right lure or fly in attempt to match the baitfish the pike are feeding on and how to try various retrieve techniques until you find the one that works best. Orvis casting instructor Pete Kutzer also demonstrates the Double Haul Cast, useful for covering large distances in windy conditions. Great episode with lots of action!

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