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Swains Reef

from Big Fish Big Adventure

22:03     USD 2.49 to buy     USD 1.29 to rent

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Captain James McVeigh and the crew on the Big Cat Reality load up with a new group of keen guests and head out into the Swains Reef system for their first trip of the season. After an overnight haul the boat arrives at Sweetlip Reef, a remote and complex series of coral cays home to number of large fish species and other marine life. The first day is off to a bang and the guests are filling their cool bags, and as it is a line fishing trip the guests are out to catch as many edible fish as they can so they can take home an esky full of fillets. As the trip seems to be going well it takes a sudden turn for the worst as Captain James is alerted that one of the boats seems to be taking on water, he drops everything to try and get this problem sorted out asap. Whilst being caught up with the sinking boat things being to domino and James gets a back log of issues all due to wasted time having to fix problems. The crew seem to have lost the over night moorings for the tenders due to the tide rising, so Captain James takes out new deck hand Harry to try and recover whatever they can find. With finding the moorings not looking hopeful Harry spots a float sitting about 7 meters under the water, with a quick leap he is into the drink, diving down to try and retrieve the mooring. Having successfully retrieved the moorings James and Harry head back to the mother ship to finally winch up and head to a more protected location due to the incoming storm. Harry gets the opportunity to take one of the tenders and follow the mothership, he gets to have a bit of a fish along the way too happily landing a nice Giant Trevally. As the afternoon comes to an end and the storm begins to push towards the big cat Captain James receives an emergency call over the radio from one of the tenders, pleading that their anchor is stuck and the roaring current is putting them in danger. James lashes on a scuba tank, jumps into the RIB and starts to head towards the stuck tender. Diving down into unknown territory James has to stay alert to his surroundings as no one knows what other marine creatures may be lurking around. Having eventually found the anchor jammed up into the middle of a bombie James must lay down a camera to capture his salvage, fighting the current and the weight of the boat he finally gets a bit of leverage, enough to free and the anchor and chase it back towards the boat as they start to drift off in the current. Now back on the mother ship and in some dry clothes James gets the chance to have a chat to the guests about possible options for the rest of the trip, now that an even larger storm front seems to be heading their way. After a group discussion the decision is made to start to punch on through the storm and get home early to put a finish to what was a good trip.


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