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Tales of the Sea

from Big Fish Big Adventure

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It’s the third day at Kenn Reef for the YTK Addicts, a group of keen anglers that have charted out Big Cat Reality to explore the Kenn and Frederick Reef systems in the Coral Sea.The Dogtooth Tuna are on the chew and Dingo, a paying guest aboard the Big Cat Reality is after an elusive 100kg plus Dog Tooth Tuna. The fish fight hard with explosive bursts of speed and make it difficult to land even an average sized Doggie. The Dogtooth Tuna is the hardest fighting fish in the ocean, but the guests like to mix it up a little and target some Wahoo also. Kenn Reef is part of a submerged continental block, called the Kenn Plateau. The Kenn Plateau lies off the North Eastern Australian coast and is a region characterised by a series of prominent, bathymetric troughs. Ships carrying cargo and supplies to Australia travelled further and further east away from the dangers of the Great Barrier Reef. However, many ran aground on Kenn Reef and some dating back to nearly 200 years ago had only recently been discovered by archeologists as recent as twelve months prior to the Big Cat Reality charter to this region. James knows full well there will still be a lot of unseen treasures lying on the reef and sand cay. Captain James wades through the water during low tide to find anchors still stuck wedged into the reef. After this he ventures on to a nearby sand cay to look for any other remnants. It is here that James discovers a lot of smaller metal objects clearly left behind from older ships that were wrecked on this reef. James then goes free diving in the lagoon to look for some larger items that may be strewn across the sea floor and that may not have moved because of the calmer waters. There are some great finds, which makes James think there could be even greater discoveries in the deeper waters that lay around the reef. While Captain James gets ready to go for a dive, some of the guests are up in the shallower water targeting some large Coral Trout, the water here is perfect for this species and the boys hook up in now time, landing a monstrous Coral Trout and with a couple of happy snaps, and a few measurements jotted down, they send the beautiful beast back to live safely in it's coral bombie home. Back on Big Cat James jumps over board in search of some some more hidden artefacts. Scuba diving in the deeper parts of the reef there is a lot to look at and think about with the abundance of life that lives in and around this small coral atoll. Humpback Whales, schools of Giant Trevally, large Coral Trout and even flocks of sea birds catch James’ eye. Exploring the beautiful underwater landscape he even forgets about looking for artefacts and just relishes in the astounding beauty that surrounds him


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