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Welcome to Wreck

from Big Fish Big Adventure

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James McVeigh is an ex commercial diver who has recently opened a high end expedition fishing company taking clients out on the trip of a lifetime, catching giant fish and exploring untouched reef systems.  His  boat is the 'Big Cat Reality', which resides in the port of Bundaberg, a small coastal farming town located at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, in Queensland, Australia. Captain James and his crew head out of the port of Bundaberg wrapping up a year of fishing with their last trip of the season, as they visit the Wreck Reef system, a number of small coral cays approximately 540km due east from Bundaberg for a nine-day expedition. Wreck Reef is famous as the small reef system which has accumulated a number of very old wrecks including that of the the old sailing boats the Porpoise and the Hope, which are connected to a great tale of bravery and heroic efforts to get back to the mainland by cartographer Mathew Flinders after having wrecked onto the small sand cay over 200 years ago. The trip then continues with the guests out in their tenders hunting down the largest fish species that Wreck Reef has to offer, Giant Trevally, Coral Trout, Dog Tooth Tuna and a number of other sort after species are targeted. We meet Billy Dee, owner of an Australian fishing company who has come out to Wreck Reef to test his new range of sport fishing rods against some of the hardest fighting fish the sea has to offer. Although all is going well the trip has its fair share of hiccups along the way and being so far off the coast of Australian Captain James cannot afford for anything to go wrong, he takes all precautions necessary even if that mean jumping over board to make sure the ship is anchored securely in a nice safe location. The episode finishes half way through the trip as the guests settle in for the night and look forward to another 4 days of fun fuelled fishing adventures.


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