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One Hell of an Adventure

from Big Fish Big Adventure

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Having already had 7 days of fishing fun on the water at Kenn and Fredrick Reef and crew and guests strap in for a few more huge days of fighting big fish and exploring Fredrick Reef. The guests head off for the morning, with Dan, Greg and Scotty chasing some Wahoo. Finding a patch of birds and a large bait ball they are in hope of some screaming reels and awesome surface action, but only until the sharks show up to shut it all down and ruin their fun. After a few hours of battling the sharks and Wahoo the boys decide to head into shore for a bit more relaxed fishing, chasing small reef species in the shallows. While some of the other guests fishing off of the island chasing some beautiful fish we take a look at the magnificent ecosystem which is Fredrick Reef, looking in detail at what wild life call these tiny sand cays home, from colonies of strawberry hermit crabs to large flocks of sea birds the amount of life on these small islands is unbelievable. We then get the chance to explore the majestic under water landscape which surrounds these natural wonders, it is full of beautiful corals and stunning fish life with visibility around 70 meters. Witness what the ocean and reef systems look like in these remote untouched parts of the world, where mankind has not been around to damage the ecosystem. Meanwhile Captain James and the crew get the chance to go for a bit of an explore too and check out the famous Fredricks Reef light house sitting at the Northern tip of the reef system. The light house is a massive navigation aid something that the old sailors who ran aground on these islands never had to help them navigate their way through the treacherous waters. Back on big cat Chef Jeff is preparing the following nights seafood buffet but for that he needs to source a couple fresh fish to go along side the rest of the meal. To do so he jumps over board with deckhand Harry, with their spear guns in hand, to go in search of the tastiest Coral Trout they can find that will go perfectly with the rest of the seafood buffet to come.The guests then come back for the night after having a great day on the water, they tell their story of the day the Big Cat goes silent over night as the guests get some well deserved sleep. As the next day begins the guests head out once more while Chef Jeff starts to prepare yesterdays catch for the up coming buffet. Learn how to perfectly cook Coral Trout as Chef Jeff talks us through his process of creating the most delicious sea food plater you have ever seen.While Jeff is in the kitchen cooking up a storm, Captain James is down below giving the Big Cat a well needed oil change. As the trip is coming to an end after a couple great days of fishing Captain James gets the chance to reflect on all of the amazing places they have visited over the past 12 months and all of the amazing experiences they have all shared. After another 38 hours steam back to the main land the guest jump off and pack up their gear and the crew say farewell as they welcome onboard another group of keen anglers and get ready to set off on another big adventure.


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