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Kenn Reef Awaits

from Big Fish Big Adventure

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This episode of Big Fish Big Adventure follows the Captain James McVeigh and the crew on the Big Cat Reality for their largest trip to date, a 14 day sports fishing adventure out to the heart of the Coral Sea, Kenn and Fredrick Reef. Coming along for the ride is a group of keen fishos from South Australia, the YTK Addicts. These boys are seriously keen fishermen who target Yellow Tail Kingfish back in South Australia, but have high hopes of large Dogtooth Tuna out at Kenn Reef. The crew untie the boat and head out in the big blue with high anticipation of what will come. During the 38 hour steam to Kenn Reef one of the guests hook up to a large 250 kilogram Blue Marlin, with an epic fight and hours of manoeuvring the boat they finally land the large fish and with a few high fives and a lot a yelling the crew get back on with the trip. The rest of the episode follows the crew finally arriving at Kenn Reef to what seems like absolutely perfect conditions, From here the crew get all of the tenders and gear ready and send the guests off for their first day of fishing in this glorious place. Kenn Reef has not been fished for quite a long time and there for the fish in these waters most likely have never even seen a lure in their life, with that in mind the guests know they are in for a cracker of a first day on the water. Gary, Dan and Greg a couple of guests on the trip make the most of these after finding what seems like a hot spot for Dog Tooth Tuna and after a couple double hook ups and a few record fish the boys head into the shallows where they seem to hit it again, finding a large school of Giant Trevally that definitely get their arms stretched. After landing a couple great fish on the little boats the guests are hyped with excitement but the crew aren’t having such luck with their fishing. Captain James set his crew a goal to catch a decent fish at the new anchorage to prove its fertility, although he soon realised his crew are much better deck hands then they are fishermen. With not information much to go on James decides to jump over board and check out the lay of the land in this magical place. "It is quite something, scuba diving in a location that you know no one has ever dived before” said Captain James. After exploring the under sea landscape he comes to the conclusion that he know exactly where to anchor the mothership for the first nights fishing off the back deck, he hopes with the information he got from the ecosystem down below that he has put the Big Cat in the right place to get his guests onto some big fish once the sun drops behind the horizon.


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