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Rantakala Perch Stew

Host and outdoorsman, Mika Lahikainen kicks off the series with a Perch fishing trip on Lake Saimaa, the largest freshwater lake in Finland and 4th largest in Europe. After setting out in his boat, he finds a deep 6m hole on the sonar, and starts fishing with a vertical jig, hoping to find a big Perch or Zander that hunt around these kind of features. With little initial interest he changes tactics to a spoon, which is often a reliable Perch catcher, and drifts along the reed lined shoreline making casts into the edge. After chopping and changing lures a few more times, Mika is finally rewarded with a small Perch which he keeps for a 'Rantakala', a traditional Finnish fish stew, before he then lands a larger 1/2 kilo fish. After catching a few more Perch, Mika heads to the shore to cook his Rantakala over an open fire. After gutting and preparing the fish, he drops them into some boiling water, before adding potatoes, carrots, onion, bay leaves, dill, salt and pepper to the one pot stew. As the sun sets, Mika settles down by the lake shore and enjoys his Rantakala whilst reflecting on a tricky day's fishing. This show is presented in Finnish with English subtitles

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