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More Teijo Lake Trout & Cooking Them

Ville continues his Trout fishing trip in the lakes of Teijo National Park, with friend Henna. With Henna already 2 fish to the good, Ville has found a large rock which is attached to the shoreline by a pontoon. Before heading out onto it, he targets the area from the shore as he thinks a big Rainbow Trout may be lurking around it in the deeper water. After getting a couple of follows, and now knowing the fish are definitely here, he changes lure and confidently tries again. He moves out to the rock and quickly hooks up using his bright orange Crankbait but the fish slips the hook mid fight. Another lost fish follows, so Ville once again changes the lure to try and avoid any more losses and it proves the right decision as he finally lands a bright coloured Rainbow Trout on a spinner bait. With a camp kitchen erected, Ville and Henna are going to cook up their catch using two different methods, with one fish stuffed with herbs and baked in newspaper on the campfire and the other filleted and pan fried. It s the perfect way to end a successful day's fishing in the Teijo National Park.

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