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Which Bass Fishing Bait?

from Fishing and Hunting Texas – Series 2

Host Clark Wendlandt has plenty of tips and advice on Which Bass Fishing Bait to use in any situation. First up is his Carolina rig, not the sexiest of baits but very useful when fishing big flat bottomed lakes or flat hard areas at the edges of a grass bed. Next is a Tube bait where he mounts the hook just showing through the surface of the rubber, this he uses in grass beds where the Bass will be a bit finicky. In pre-spawn he likes to fish lakes with a lot of boat docks, the big Bass will hole up under or around these and the best bait to tempt them out is a skipping jig, which is very versatile and can be cast into various awkward positions. For fast, power fishing he likes to use a square billed crank bait, its irregular movement through the water makes it irresistible to the Bass. There are loads more options in Clark's bait box that get a mention and he also shows how to use a pole lure retriever when your favourite bait has got hung and you must get it back.

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