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Choke Canyon Reservoir

from Fishing and Hunting Texas – Series 2

Choke Canyon Reservoir in south Texas is one of host Clark Wendlandt's very favourite places to fish. Sometimes it's "on" and sometimes it's "off", he's heard that it's on an upswing, so is relishing his chance to get out on the water again. As usual he's come armed with a deckful of pre-rigged rods, so that he's always got an alternative bait ready to use if he needs to swap tactics. He knows there will be a lot of grass to fish in or around, but as the water is quite warm he starts on the top skipping a super soft plastic gurgle toad across the surface. First cast he's into a lovely big Bass. Because the water is clear we switches to a swim bait and gets that wiggling just above the hydrilla, its predominantly a visual bait and it seems the Bass just can't resist it. Choke has plenty of cover, there's reeds, brush, wood and loads of hydrilla, so plenty of places for the bass to hold up, Clark explains how choosing the right bait on a lake like this is vital.

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