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Bass Fishing in Grass

from Fishing and Hunting Texas – Series 2

In this episode Clark Wendlandt offers up plenty of advice on Bass Fishing in Grass. Grass is good. Bass thrive in grass, but conditions will dictate where in the grass you will find them, on sunny days they will tend to sit low, looking for cover, whereas on cloudy days you may find them cruising around the top. The time of year will also affect where in the grass Bass will hide, in colder winter months you might find them under thick matting in very shallow water up against the bank and in summer when the grass is at its longest and deepest, the only way of presenting a bait might be by vertical jigging. Clark has a favourite lure for all of these scenarios and he shows you how to use them once you have found the fish. He's also got some great tips on how to use your boat electronics to do just that.

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