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Advanced Bass Fishing

Tom Rosenbauer kicks off the 2nd series with a look at advanced fly fishing techniques for Bass. Both Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass exhibit different behaviours and feeding patterns through the year so Tom starts by examining different strategies for each season. In Spring, both Bass species are looking to spawn so move into shallow water to stage for prespawn. They predominantly feed on Crayfish and Baitfish so Tom shows us the kind of patterns that work well now as well as the right fly lines to use. As the water warms and the Bass finish their spawn, they become super aggressive and as Tom explains this can be the best time of the year to catch them, especially off the surface using poppers. During the summer, Bass move into different areas of lakes and rivers and Tom talks us through the main holding areas at this of year. In the Fall and Winter, as the water temperature drops, Bass move back into the shallows and the middle of the day is often the best time to catch them. Learn how to maximise your chances of catching Bass on the fly in this brilliant episode.

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