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Summer Haze Part 2

Part 2 of Summer Haze continues its celebration of the much overlooked delights of warm water fly fishing in the American Upper Midwest. We join Brad Bohen, who fishes and guides on the lakes and rivers of Sawyer County in North Wisconsin, he likes to fish for Musky and he's rather good at it, holding a number of line records, including one of 51 inches, but he's pretty good at catching Pike and Bass too. Ron "Tank" Urkuski and his buddy Matt Haley are out on a small river in north east Michigan, the water is so shallow and clear they can see the Pike sitting right under the boat, but it's actually a Smallmouth that succumbs to the irresistible allure of Ron's fly. They are convinced that their home state offers the best fishing to be found anywhere in the US. Mike Schultz, who runs his own outfitters, has also been been "won over" and you can see why, as we share the excitement that he and his fellow guide James Hughes enjoy during a couple of days on the river. All these guys are avid fly fishers and whilst they haven't turned their backs on Trout fishing, have had their eyes opened to the fact that in warmer conditions and warmer water, casting your fly to the more predatory species is a whole lot of fun.

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