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Westfjords Arctic Char

Today the brothers are after Arctic Char in the Westfjords, and fishing on the beautiful River Hesta which flows into Onundarfjord. After visiting the tackle shop to stock up on flies,  they start fishing on the river and Gunni doesn't get off to a great start, hooking a bridge, losing his leader whilst retrieving his fly and generally just spooking the fish. They see some nice char here but unfortunately, this calamitous start has scared them off. On  the plus side, Gunni has miraculously found his lost leader material that he dropped from the bridge earlier. Deciding to rest the pool until later, they head upstream to a stunning waterfall but again find no fish. Returning to the fishing cabin for a break, they discuss the tactics they'll need to employ to have some success here. Recouperated and invigorated, they head back to the bridge pool and split up determined to get a char on the bank. All of a sudden Asi hooks up and a nervewracking fight ensues with a good sized fish circa 2.5lb,  that Gunni is keen to use for his latest char recipe. After landing the stunning char, they head to the shore of Onundarfjord and prepare a delicious char dinner. To watch, login or join

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