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Sir Jim Ratcliffe on the River Vestadalsur

Its August and we start at the top of the River Sela with guide Denni and angler Gisli Asgeirsson. Taking it in turns to fish a pool and then hitch it, the anglers are soon into fish in the crystal clear river. Because of the water clarity here, the catch rate is as high as 70% for multi winter fish and 50% for grilse. Later in the day, the men split up and Gisli heads a short distance over to the River Vestadalsur which runs parallel to the Sela and into the sea at Vopnafjordur. He joins landowner, and Brtiain's richest man, Sir Jim Ratcliffe on the River Vestadalsur for an afternoon of high quality salmon fishing. Being the landowner has some distinct advantages as some pools haven't been fished all summer, dramatically increasing their chances of hooking up. After catching a few nice salmon, Sir Jim Ratcliffe has to get back to work and leaves his beloved River Vestadalsur so we rejoin Denni on the Sela who is also having a successful session and is now looking for bigger salmon. To watch this episode, login or register now

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