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Midfjardara is one of Iceland's most prolific salmon rivers and a great place to kick off the first series of Icelandic Tails. The Midfjardara is in the North of Iceland around 3hrs drive from Reykjavik has 3 main tributaries, the Austurá, Núpsá and Vesturá which in total make the system around 115km long. We join the river owner, Rafn Valur Alfreosson, otherwise known as Rabbi and head guide, Johann Birgirsson as they fly fish through some of the best pools on this stunning river, hooking and landing some fantastic salmon. Since Rabbi took over the river, he has focused on a catch and release policy and the results have been spectacular with average annual catches over 3000 fish with over 6000 caught in 2015! This episode is in Icelandic with English subtitles To watch this episode, just login or register now

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Wonderful Salmon Flyfishing in Iceland

6th December 2019

Really great to see such magnificent Salmon caught and released. With an abundance of fish, fly fishers can take time to experiment. This ecosystem seems pristine, no wonder 6000 or 4500 Salmon can be caught in the season. Hopefully the Icelandic government will NEVER allow Salmon farming anywhere near these waters. Great to watch this video, even better to fish these wonderful rivers.

Peter Jackson

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