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Lake Frostastadavatn

Sitting some 570m above sea level in the Highlands of Iceland, Lake Frostastadavatn is the spectacular setting for this episode's fishing trip for Asi and Gunni. The lake is surrounded by lava fields and where they meet the lake, small coves and creeks have formed and its here that the boys start fly fishing for the plentiful Arctic Char the reside here. It isn't long at all before they are both hooked into fish and, the pot begins to fill for their evening meal. The fish here aren't big on the whole but they must be hungry as the pair land plenty of them in an eventful morning. Taking a well deserved break back at the cabin, Gunni suggests they try a different challenge and decide to visit the breathtaking Haifoss Waterfall on the Fossa River, the 4th highest waterfall in Iceland. After climbing down to the bottom, they decide to try fishing in the waterfall and amazingly both catch plump brown trout. Returning to Lake Frostastadavatn, they catch a few more char for the pot despite losing one to a mink thief, and then enjoy a beautiful fish supper in the evening Icelandic sunshine. To watch just login or join

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10th August 2022

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