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Teijo Rapids Wild Trout

from Ville Toivonen’s Fishing School

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Ville is in the Teijo National Park, in South West Finland and today, he's fishing for trout in the fast flowing rapids that run through the middle of the park. Fishing is usually prohibited here but Ville has special permission to fish and will start near the bottom of the rapids for Sea Trout as they enter from the sea. There are also native Brown Trout, Perch and Vimba here and Ville is optimistic of success. Casting his lure upstream in the heavy flow, he gets an early hook up but the trout doesn't stick this time. But soon after, he hooks another fish and lands a bright coloured Vimba. Moving upstream next to an old mill, Ville targets some slack water at the top of a fast run where fish may lay up but despite one missed pull, he can't locate more fish. As eveningapproaches, Ville finds some slower water and hits into a big trout but it slips the hook before Ville manages another Vimba. The day ends with no more fish but Ville has tomorrow on the rapids so there's time to make amends. An early start and a change of lures, Ville uses a silver Mepps spinner and gets the day off to a great start with a stunning Sea Trout.


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